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How Life Experiences Can Give Credit When Going Back to College

Michelle discusses the benefits of going back to college after gaining experience in a professional career. Her experiences helped her gain college credits as a returning student toward Linfield College’s fully accredited online degree program. Hear how these past experiences helped her make the most of the new opportunity.

“One thing that is very fortunate for the returning professional adult, is that there is a portfolio program available, and I have a lot of professional life experience, and I was able to take a lot of that life experience and be able to go through the syllabus and choose different courses and challenge those courses." ... "My goal was to be graduated by the end of this summer, and I met those goals through using the portfolio process and also obviously managing how many credits I took per term." ... "I took the writing portfolio class after I took the intro class and from that point forward, in the intro, in the writing class the instructor helps you create your very first portfolio. So, you are already with that instructor from the very beginning of time checking your work.  So it is laying the foundation for other portfolios in the future and that same instructor will be the same instructor you will be able to submit portfolios to have her review, and she will also pass those on to the board for the final reviews.”