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Online Health Administration Certificate

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ED Gainful Employment Disclosure

“After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communications from another university, I had trouble finding a job that was truly right for me. I took a chance and went back to school at Linfield, took health administration and policy courses and completed an internship at OCHIN. I am now a project manager working with advanced electronic health systems in a field that is very satisfying and rewarding. ”
-Ben Pierson, Project Manager, OCHIN, Portland, (OCHIN is the largest community health information network in the US.)

The online Health Administration Certificate is designed for health care professionals who want to acquire the core competencies and skills necessary to lead and manage people and projects, and improve quality outcomes.

Ideal for clinic supervisors, team leaders, and health administration managers and analysts, and anyone looking to gain a deeper and more current understanding of the basic and pervasive changes that are transforming health and reforming health systems in the US and globally.  

Students who complete the online Health Administration Certificate will acquire core competencies including:

  • Improving and measuring quality,
  • Utilizing basic analytics,
  • Managing electronic health information,
  • Understanding the basics of population health and prevention,
  • Accessing digital anywhere health and health related information from many disparate devices.

According to regional health leaders who advised Linfield on the professional outcomes of the Health Administration Certificate, the above competencies are now critical for key staff and management and will also improve your value to your organization.  

By earning the online Health Administration Certificate, you will

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of how public health and health systems work,
  • Understand the directions in which public health and health systems are headed,
  • Sharpen your analytic and systems thinking,
  • Develop more skillful and effective communications.

All classes in the Linfield Health Administration Certificate Program are offered online. 

Classes are available 24/7, making them perfect for students with schedules that demand flexibility. With Internet access you can work from anywhere in the world. Linfield College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is a private non-profit college. 

A Certificate in Health Administration requires the completion of 8 courses and an internship, or an approved volunteer or paid experience, for a total of 26 credits.

Required courses:

HSCI 250 Introduction to Public and Community Health
HSCI 320 Health and Social Policy
HSCI 330 Global Health
HSCI 340 Health Care in America
HSCI 420 Health Administration
HSCI 485 Health Administration Senior Seminar Project
HSCI 487 Internship

And 2 courses from the following electives:

HHPA 422 Planning and Evaluation in Health Education
HSCI 410 Health Information and Quality Improvement
HSCI 450 Environmental Health (also listed as ENVS 450)
HSCI 398/498 Special Topics in Health Sciences

Curriculum Plan for Fall Entry
Health Administration Certificate
Fall 2014 through Spring 2016

Fall Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring
HSCI 250 HSCI 320 HSCI 487 HSCI 340 HSCI 410 HSCI 485
HHPA 422 HSCI 330 Internship HSCI 420   Project
6 credits 6 credits 2 credits 6 credits 3 credits 3 credits

Curriculum Plan for Spring Entry
Health Administration Certificate
Spring 2015 through Fall 2016

Spring Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall
HSCI 320 HSCI 250 HSCI 410 HSCI 485 HSCI 487 HSCI 420
HSCI 330 HSCI 340   Project Internship HSCI 422
6 credits 6 credits 3 credits 3 credits 2 credits 6 credits

HSCI 250 Introduction to Public and Community Health
Introduction to the field of public health. Focus on human biology, environmental health, lifestyle factors, and health care organizations as these four factors relate to one another and to the overall concept of health, health care, and health care delivery in the U.S. 3 credits. (IS or US)

HSCI 320 Health and Social Policy
Examination of U.S. health and social policy. Analysis of the public policy process, major public social and health programs, special interests, and political differences. The role of federal, state, as well as local governments and the legal system in policy implementation. Understanding complex health and social problems as they are translated into standards of conduct. 3 credits. (MWI)

HSCI 330 Global Health
A multi-disciplinary introduction to key public health issues in the developed world, the emerging world, and developing world. Intended for students from any major who want a foundation in global health issues from a science, social, political, economic and business perspective. 3 credits. (IS or GP)

HSCI 340 Health Care in America
Exploration of the history, structure, economics, politics, and technology of health, health care, and health care delivery in the U.S. from the mid-1700s to the present. Co-requisite: 310. 3 credits. (MWI)

HSCI 398  Special Topics in Health Sciences
4 credits.

HSCI 410 Health Information and Quality Improvement
Theory course focusing on process management, systems improvement concepts, organizational research, objective decision making, problem solving, leadership for quality, program implementation and evaluation in health care organizations, and statistical process control (SPC) as an analysis tool. Prerequisite: 310. 3 credits.

HSCI 420 Health Administration
Introduction to concepts of health care administration. Focus on U.S. health care system, general concepts of health care management, and aspects of leadership as they apply to the health care system. Theories of motivation, budgeting concepts, strategic planning, quality improvement principles, control in health care service organization, health care reform, government regulations, and private, state, and local health care insurance structures. Offered fall. 3 credits.

HSCI 450 Environmental Health (also listed as ENVS 450)
Study of the effects of water and air pollution, food additives, pesticides, heavy metals, organic solvents, mycotoxins, and radiation. Examines concepts of toxicology, epidemiology, risk assessment, safety control, and environmental law. Prerequisites: ENVS 201 or BIOL 210. Offered fall of even-numbered years. 3 credits. (IS or GP)

HSCI 485 Senior Seminar in Health Sciences
Capstone course exploring issues related to health care in the United States and throughout the world. Topics include health care delivery, health care reform, and interdisciplinary exploration of global public health issues. Prerequisite: senior standing. 3 credits.

HSCI 487 Internship
Intensive learning experience on-site in health-related organization. Prerequisites: senior standing. 2-5 credits. May be repeated once. A total of 3 credits required for a major. (EL)

HHPA 422 Planning and Evaluation in Health Education
Principles of program planning, including needs assessment, health promotion planning models, intervention theories and approaches, elements of marketing, implementation strategies, and
evaluation. Practical application of all aspects of the program planning process to address a selected health problem affecting groups. Prerequisites: 180, junior standing, Health major
status, or consent of instructor. Offered fall. 3 credits

The Health Administration Certificate complements a Bachelor’s degree and demonstrates that you have attained key competencies and skills in the field of health administration. Students may earn the Health Administration Certificate before completion of a bachelor’s degree or as a post baccalaureate credential to increase your value to your present organization and to advance your career opportunities. The Health Administration Certificate may be earned simultaneously with the Linfield College bachelor’s degrees by students in the Adult Degree Program who are majoring in accounting, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and nursing (RN to BSN).

Students can complete the online Health Administration Certificate on a part time class schedule within 2 academic years. To view a list of Linfield’s upcoming courses, check out our Year Long Plan

Pursue your dream of higher education. Enroll Now in Linfield’s Health Administration Certificate Program or contact us  and our admission counselors will be happy to answer your questions about the Health Administration certificate. Unsure of pursuing online learning? Read our Guide to Online College for Adults to learn more about what to expect in the online learning environment.