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Health Administration Certificate

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Health Administration Certificate Overview

Ideal for those who want a deeper and current understanding of the basic and pervasive changes that are transforming health and reforming health systems in the US and globally. Students will learn about how the Affordable Care Act is changing the focus, the financial incentives and the required core competencies and skills necessary to lead and make people and projects.

Employment Opportunities in Health Administration

  • Medical and Health Service Manager
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Medical Practice Manager
  • Hospice Coordinator
  • Clinical

Who Should Enroll

If you are in nursing, business, psychology, information sciences or other health sciences your can benefit from a broader and deeper understanding of how public health systems work.

Courses You Will Take

HSCI 250 Introduction to Public and Community Health / 3 credits
HSCI 320 Health and Social Policy / 3 credits
HSCI 330 Global Health / 3 credits
HSCI 340 Health Care in America / 3 credits
HSCI 420 Health Administration / 3 credits
HSCI 485 Health Administration Senior Seminar Project / 3 credits
HSCI 487 Internship / 2 credits

Plus 2 of the following:

HHPA 422 Planning and Evaluation in Health Education / 3 credits *
ENVS/HSCI 450 Environmental Health / 3 credits **
HSCI 398/498 Special Topics in Health Sciences / 4 credits
HSCI 431 / 3 credits


* HHPA 180
** ENVS 201 or BIOL 210

For a list of courses offered this academic year view the Year Long Plan.

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