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Graduation Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree requires 125 semester credits of coursework. A minimum of 30 must be from Linfield.
  • Students must complete the Linfield Curriculum, from Linfield, or in approved transfer courses; the Inquiry Seminar, one course in each of the 6 Modes of Inquiry and one Upper Division course, a course in US Pluralisms and a course in Global Pluralisms, and a Writing-Intensive course in the major. The Upper Divison course may be in any mode of inquiry and must be outside of the students’ major department.
  • Candidates for a Bachelor of Arts degree must satisfy a foreign language requirement by successfully completing two semesters of language study at the elementary level for a total of eight credits, one semester of an intensive elementary-level course for five credits, or one five-credit course beyond the elementary level.
  • Image of a graduating woman and her preteen daughterCandidates for a Bachelor of Science degree must successfully complete two courses of at least three credits each in a single natural science, social-behavioral science field, computer science, or in mathematics. These courses must be (a) outside the department offering your major, and (b) not used to meet any other requirement.

If you plan on attending the ceremony, but do not yet meet the requirements, please complete the Petition to Attend Ceremony.