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Sandra Tello Financial Aid Counselor

The single most asked question we field from prospective students is: how am I going to pay for my education? Our Financial Aid Counselors have the answer. Whether it’s obtaining government supported grants and loans or applying for scholarships, our counselors know where to find the money you’ll need to pay for your education. We recently had a discussion with Sandra Tello one of our most experienced counselors. Here, she covers some of the most frequently asked questions prospective students have.

There is Financial Aid for Everyone


Call Financial Aid 888.

Hi, my name is Sandra Tello, I’m the Financial Aid Counselor here at Linfield College and I’ll be the first person you contact when you call our office.

When you apply for admission, there’s a separate application for financial aid and about sixty percent of our Adult Degree students receive some sort of financial aid.

Overcoming Financial Obstacles


For many students, financing their education is a difficult task. They actually get discouraged or stuck in the process. Just remember, there’s financial aid for everyone. A quick phone call to my office, will get you everything you need. That’s what we’re here for.

There are different types of financial aid. Some is not dependent on your income.

A few different options are private scholarships, grants, federal and private loans. There’s a misconception with students, you know you don’t have to be right out of high school to apply for scholarships.

Aside from what we can do for you here at Linfield, we encourage you to look at other resources, there are community and civic scholarships and veteran’s benefits. You might want to check with your employer and see if you have education benefits. Those are a few great places to start.

Linfield Will Help With Financing Regardless of How Many Credits You Have


We get all types of students at Linfield College. If you have ninety credits, that’s great. That means that you don’t have to take as many courses and pay as much to complete your degree. We have students that don’t transfer in any college credits and don’t have any college experience. Just call me, we’ll go over your individual experience and we’ll find a way to help you.

The Online and Continuing Education Program Website; Your Best Resource For Information


So what do I need to do to get financial aid? Once I have financial aid, what do I do? I accepted this, now what happens? How do I get my books? I mean the basic questions that students have, we actually have that on our website. Visit our website at, you’ll see the Online and Continuing Education Program tab. We’ve got a lot of different resources for scholarships and you know, there’s a Path to Scholarships® workshop and webinar, it gives in detail how to apply successfully for scholarships. Just remember, there are lots of different ways to finance your education and we’re here to help you with that.

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