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Fall 2007

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Download" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Download column, we do not have it yet.

Course ID Course Name Instructor Location Syllabus
ANT 109 Gen'l Anthropology Smith, Cameron Online pdf
AVC 180 Survey of Western Art/Topics Reid, Donna Online pdf
AVC 263 Painting Walker, Ken Portland pdf
BIO 104 Genetics: 20th Century Science Gaiser, Chris Online pdf
BIO 375 Field Zoology Knight, Ned Portland pdf
BUS 260 Financial Acct Weidinger, Alois Online pdf
BUS 301 The Mgt Process Priestman, Ian Online html
BUS 321 Principles of Marketing Andrews, Sally Online html
BUS 340 Business Law I Park, Susan Online pdf
BUS 341 Financial Mgt Bauer, Deborah Online pdf
BUS 341 Financial Mgt Edwards, Jeff Portland pdf
BUS 363 Intermediate Acct I Edwards, Jeff Online pdf
BUS 363 Intermediate Acct I Moha, Carla Online html
BUS 404 Operations Mgt Daaboul, Malek Online html
BUS 405 Human Resource Mgt Hirons, Tom Online html
BUS 420 Sales & Sales Mgt Alkazin, Sally Online html
BUS 427 Consumer Behavior Daaboul, Malek Portland pdf
BUS 435 International BusLaw Coduto, Jim Online html
BUS 436 Business Writing Lamberton, Lowell Online html
BUS 436 Non-Profit Management Hirons, Tom Salem pdf
BUS 440 Business Law II Coduto, Jim Online html
BUS 466 Advanced Accounting Faria, Jeannine Bend pdf
BUS 466 Advanced Accounting Daoust, Robert Online pdf
BUS 469 Auditing Staff Bend x'd
BUS 469 Auditing Barnhart, Michael Online html
BUS 469 Auditing Daoust, Robert Online html
BUS 495 Strategic Mgt Kiehl, Sandie Online pdf
CSC 152 Programming Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin McMinnville pdf
CSC 250 Database Program Dev Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin McMinnville pdf
ECO 210 Prin of Economics Grant, Randy Online pdf
ENG 303 Children's Literature Carter, Brynn Online html
ENG 319 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction Drake, Barbara Online html
ENG 376 Exploring Lang Depweg, Dale Online pdf
ENG 377 Research Writing Depweg, Dale Online pdf
ENV 101 Hum Eco: Proc/Pattern Knight, Ned Online pdf
HST 124 Hst of East Asian Civ I Sagers, John Online pdf
HST 285 Historical Methods Boas, Jack McMinnville pdf
HST 302 Topics: Holocaust Boas, Jack Portland pdf
HST 390 Slavery in the Americas Ritter, John Online html
IDS 008 Entry Colloquium Sukalac, Ann Online pdf
IDS 090 Global Issues Forum Alexander, Christina Online pdf
IDS 250 Writing the Portfolio Marinaro, Thomas Online pdf
IDS 485 Arts & Humanities Sr Sem Millar, William McMinnville pdf
MAT 115 Intermediate Algebra Meda, Gowri Online html
MAT 115 Intermediate Algebra Daaboul, Malek Portland pdf
MAT 152 Finite Math & Calculus Meda, Gowri Online html
MAT 301 Intro to Statistics Daaboul, Malek Online html
PHI 170 Critical Thinking Tichenor, Seth Portland pdf
PHI 320 Healthcare Ethics Stotts, Alexandra Online html flyer
PSY 101 Survey of Psych Minor-Evans, Leslie Online pdf
PSY 190 Research Evaluation Carlson, Roger McMinnville pdf
PSY 300 Lifespan Developmental Psych Golletz, Kimberley Online html
PSY 391 Abnormal Psychology Tinker Portland  
REL 130 New Testament Millar, William Online pdf
SOA 308 Soc Res Methods Vogt, Blaine Online pdf
SOA 405 Soc Move, Citizen & Dissent Gonzales, Lisa Online pdf
SOC 304 Deviance: Ind & Soc Penkin, Debra Online html