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Online and Continuing Education Online Environmental Studies Minor

Environmental Studies Minor

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“My pursuit of the Environmental Studies minor in conjunction with the Management major was a personal choice for multiple reasons: to increase my environmental consciousness and strive to minimize my own negative impact on our planet; it’s important to my employer and helps me to stay aligned in working to achieve our business objectives; and it’s important to other employers as well which makes me more marketable in the labor market.”

Chris Hukill, Supply Chain Development Manager, BS, Linfield College

Environmental Studies presents different perspectives on the relationships between humans and the planet’s life-support system. It seeks to develop in students a deep awareness of the complex, highly dynamic nature of the world we inhabit, including interactions among human population, the biological and physical environments, resources, technology, social organization and culture. The portion of the planet we occupy in the Pacific Northwest is exceptionally diverse for its latitude and affords rich opportunities for study and participation.

Accredited Online Colleges, Environmental Studies Photo - Linfield College Adult Degree ProgramStudents may elect this minor as a means of adding an environmental perspective to their major field of study. Because our whole being and our very survival as a species are so intimately connected with a healthy biosphere, Environmental Studies is highly interdisciplinary with almost every field in the liberal arts curriculum involved. While the field traditionally draws most heavily from the natural and social sciences, studies in the humanities are also important for developing skills in communication and interpretation.


24-30 credits distributed as follows: 

ENVS 201 Environmental Science and
ENVS 203 Human Adaptive Strategies or 250 Environmental Sociology
ENVS 040* Community Service or ENVS 090 Environmental Issues Forum
ENVS 485 Environmental Problem-Solving Seminar

*requires preapproval

12-20 credits from the following:

Environmental Studies Courses offered through Linfield's Online and Continuing Education Program

Online College Courses, Environmental Studies Picture - Linfield College Adult Degree ProgramANTH/BIOL 105 Human Biology & Evolution
ANTH 111 Cultural Anthropology
BIOL 201 Concepts in Marine Ecology
BIOL 204 Introduction to Ecology
ENGL 304 Environmental Literature
ENVS 302 Shoreline Ecology (Field-Based)
ENVS 303 Human Ecosystems (Field-Based)
ENVS 305 Environmental Issues and the Physical Sciences
ENVS 306 Fire History of the Cascades (Field-Based)
ENVS 308 Water Resources
HIST 252 History of the U.S. West
HIST 257 The Pacific Northwest
PHIL 306 Environmental Ethics
PHYS 107 Energy and the Environment
SOCL 101 Fundamentals of Sociology
SOAN 365 Urban Society & Culture

Field-Based courses are offered in the summer term.

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Request Program Information NOW and start your future today.
Please do not change the value of this field Please do not change the value of this field
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