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Spanish Healthcare Interpreter Training


Dates: May 2 through July 15
Location: Online
Cost: $1600 (The cost of this program includes books and the cost of the language proficiency test.)

Unique Spanish-specific training approved by the Oregon Health Authority suitable for beginning and experienced interpreters. 60 hours of content includes interpreting skills and knowledge, ethics, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology taught from a cross-cultural perspective. Includes extensive oral practice in Spanish and English with instructor feedback in preparation for national exams. Includes an official ACTFL proficiency rating that may be used to meet language proficiency requirements for Oregon qualification and national exams.

This program is not eligible for Title IV funding.


  • Students must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.
  • Students must have advanced-level proficiency in English and Spanish.

Language Testing

Students without a degree completed mostly in Spanish from a Spanish-speaking country will need to take an oral proficiency interview for Spanish and score at the advanced level. Students without a degree completed mostly in English from an English-speaking country will need to take an oral proficiency interview for English and score at the advanced level. Language Testing International conducts the assessments. The cost of one oral proficiency interview and official rating is included in the cost of registration.


If students do not qualify at the advanced level on the proficiency interview for entrance into the program, the program cost, less $100 for the test, will be refunded.

Meet the Instructor

Heidi Schmaltz
Heidi Astrid Schmaltz

Heidi Astrid Schmaltz, MA has worked for over ten years in the field of medical interpreting as well as teaching postsecondary language courses. Ms. Schmaltz has passed NBCMI, DSHS and NCSC exams for Spanish, and provides medical, court, social service and educational interpreting services both in-person and remotely.