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Student Medical Insurance

Regence, working with Linfield College and USI Northwest offers a student-focused health insurance plan that is open to all Linfield College students enrolled in the Online and Continuing Education Program, McMinnville campus and Portland campus. The cost of the health insurance plan may be paid for out of financial aid funds.

Open Enrollment Period

Winter 2016

Coverage from January 1, 2016, to August 14, 2016, is $1,167. (Rates are for student only)

Spring 2016

Coverage from February 1, 2016, to August 14, 2016, is $942. (Rates are for student only)

Additional Questions?

Learn more about the benefits and student rates available through Regence by calling 1-888-367-2116. Adult Degree Program students follow the same dates of coverage and rates as the McMinnville campus students.

Request Insurance

Request insurance during the sign up period.  By clicking and completing this form your student account will be charged for the medical insurance immediately. If you would like to speak with someone on campus, please contact Cheri Blatner at 503-883-2455.