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Registration Information for Current Students

Schedule Changes and Updates

Spring 2015 BIOL 201 Concepts in Marine Ecology/3 (NW) - Added

Spring 2015 BUSN 464 Gov’t/Not for Profit Accounting/3 - Canceled

Spring 2015 HSCI 320 Health and Social Policy/3 - Added

Spring 2015 HSCI 330 Global Health/3 - (IS, GP) - Added

Summer 2015 ENVS 303 Human Ecosystems/3- (IS, NW) (FB) - Added

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Early Assignments

Most weekend courses have assignments that must be completed prior to the first class meeting. These assignments, and the course syllabus, are sent to you from the DCE office after you register. Consequently, it is important that you register promptly.

Linfield Bookstore

All DCE Students: Please see the Bookstore Website at or order your books online through WebAdvisor.

Spring Registration Information

Register for Spring November 17 through February 16. The current schedule is online. If you wish to register by fax or mail, you may download our Registration Form. Textbooks should be ordered online through WebAdvisor.