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Online and Continuing Education OCE Current Students

January 2018

Linfield OCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Syllabus" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Syllabus column, we do not have it yet.

Online ANTH332*AP Medical Anthropology Cancelled IS,GP 3 Bill Bestor
Online BNMG310*AM Organizational Behavior and Managment 4 Ian Priestman PDF  
Online BNMG415*AM Business, Ethics and Society 4 Virlena Crosley PDF  
Online BNMK427*AM Topics In Marketing 4 Michael Hohn PDF  
Online COMP101*AM Fundamentals of Information Systems Tec 3 Prof Staff
Online COMP152*AM Programming & Object Structures 4 Elisabeth Musil
Online COMP250*AM Database Program Development 3 Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah
Online COMP382*AM Management Information Systems 3 Malek Daaboul
Online COMP450*AM Database Administration MWI 3 Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah
Online EDUC303*AM Education In A Diverse Society IS,US 4 Cindy Coe PDF  
Online ENGL304*AM Literature and Landscape CS,UQ 4 Richard Lewis PDF  
Online ENGL316*AM Reading and Writing Poetry CS 4 Robert Schlegel PDF  
Online ENGL395*AM Directed Reading 1 Prof Staff
Online ENVS040*AM Community Service EL 1 Duncan Reid
Online ENVS304*AM Climate Change: Causes, Consequences, and Mitigation NW 3 Ned Knight PDF  
Online HHPA050*AM Stress Management Practice EL 1 Dawn Graff-Haight PDF  
Online HHPA071A*AM Yoga: Mindfulness EL 1 Kristi Strong PDF  
Online HHPA071B*AM Yoga: Vinyasa EL 1 Kristi Strong PDF  
Online HHPA071C*AM Yoga: Exploratory EL 1 Kristi Strong PDF  
Online HHPA410*AM Gender Issues In Education & Sport IS,US 3 Alan Ledford
Online HIST304*AM Topics In Latin American History VP,GP 4 Sharon Bailey Glasco PDF  
Online HIST371*AM Race and Minority Cultures In The United States VP,GP,US 3 John Ritter PDF  
Online HSCI310*AM Research Methods MWI 4 Sheila Patterson
Online HSCI340*AM Health Care In America Cancelled MWI 3 Prof Staff
Online HSCI360*AM Science: A Candle In The Dark UQ 3 John Shuford PDF  
Online HSCI487*AM Internship EL 2-5 Prof Staff
Online IDST052*AM Career Planning & Preparation EL 2 Donna Montoya
Online MATH140*AM Introduction To Statistics QR 3 Malek Daaboul PDF  
Online MUSC137*AM American Popular Music CS,US 3 Stephen Kravitz PDF  
Online PSYC101*AM Survey of Psychology IS,NW 4 William Collins PDF  
Online PSYC200*AM Social Psychology 3 Tani McBeth PDF  
Online RELS110*AM Approaches To Religion UQ,GP 4 David Fiordalis PDF  
Online RELS320*AP Pilgrimages: Sacred Journeys UQ,GP 4 Bill Bestor PDF  
Online SOAN222*AP Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean: Societies and Cultures IS,GP 4 Bill Bestor PDF  
Online TACA040*AM Community Service EL 1 Brenda DeVore Marshall

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