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Computer Accounts (CatNet)

If you do not already have a Linfield computer account, follow these steps:

1. Get a Linfield computer (CatNet) account. You will be given an user name (CatNet ID) and must type in your own password, write them down (case sensitive). When filling out the form, notice that you must have the slashes between the numbers of your birthday like the example below the text box. Select DCE as your campus regardless of where you attend classes. If you do not get a congratulations page, something has gone wrong, if you have trouble correcting the error, give OCE a call at 800-452-4176 x2451. 

Open Linfield CatNet Account

2. Do not forget your password. Write it down for you will need it sometime in the future. Click here for info on good passwords.

You can easily set up your smartphone to access your CatNet account.

A Linfield computer account (CatNet) gives you, if you have full internet access through a local internet provider or internal network:

  • A Linfield email address ( available on the web at WEBMAIL
  • Access to grades, schedules and transcript on Webadvisor. (You must have first established a Linfield CatNet account.)
  • Access to a full range of library resources,
  • Access to the computer labs on McMinnville and Portland campuses, as well as the printers in the McMinnville library.

Online courses use the same credentials as the Linfield CatNet accounts; you must set one up to be able to access Online Courses. The WebCT ID (CatNet ID) and password is the same. See the Online course section for more information.

Linfield's policy concerning computer accounts:

  • An account on Linfield's system is available free to any member of the Linfield Community (students, faculty, and staff) but is subject to an acceptable use policy.
  • If you already have an account at Linfield, you can set up an alias, go here for more information: Email Preferences manager .
  • If you have forgotten your password, do not try to set up another account. Click here: Reset password
  • Your account will remain active as long as you are a Linfield student.

Remote Access to Library Resources

Use the same user name (id) and password as your main (CatNet) account.

Questions? Contact Beth West

You may now access Linfield's library resources.

Linfield Library OCE Home Page.