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Online and Continuing Education Degrees and Certificates

Our Accredited Online College Courses

The Linfield College's Online and Continuing Education Program offers an accredited online program geared toward our degrees and certificates, making advancing in your current field or exploring a new career path possible for any student with internet access.  

Having offered online courses for over 10 years, we have learned how to help students succeed in what can sometimes be a challenging environment. Even the most motivated students worry that the online experience can become impersonal; however, in the Linfield College Adult Degree Program, we work tirelessly to ensure that students receive the individual attention their academic goals require. 

Our rich variety of online college courses allow students to develop the industry-relevant skills and competencies required by employers through the help of qualified faculty and academic advisors.

View the Year Long Plan for all online degree and certificate courses offered over the next year.

You may also view course syllabi organized by semester when offered here.


Course availability subject to change.


ARTS-382  Creative Development Studio

Anthropology - See Sociology and Anthropology section


BIOL-204  Introduction To Ecology

Computer Science

COMP-120  Microcomputer Applications
COMP-252  Systems Administration and Networking Concepts
COMP-392  Project Management II: Management Skills, Assessment and Development


ECON-352  Economics of The Law


ENGL-271  Professional Editing
ENGL-316  Reading and Writing Poetry
ENGL-377  Fundamentals of Research Writing

Environmental Studies

ENVS-040  Community Service

Health, Human Performance and Athletics

HHPA-422  Planning & Evaluation In Health Education


HIST-210  Modern Japan

Interdepartmental Studies

IDST-052  Career Planning & Preparation
IDST-090  Global Issues Forum
IDST-250  Writing The Portfolio


NURS-343  Health Disparities


PSYC-340  Topics In Psychology

Theatre and Communication Arts

TACA-040  Community Service
TACA-287  Internship

Theatre and Communication Arts - Communication Arts

TCCA-257  Communication Theory

Wine Studies

WINE-205  Fundamentals of Wine
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