Using Your Online Marketing Degree Effectively in Interviews

Earning a college degree means investing in your future. You are putting stock into your life and your future career path. An online marketing degree can be an excellent way to secure a future with many employment opportunities in a variety of fields. Upon graduation, you will find that marketing graduates have the skills and strengths sought after in today’s workplace.

Benefits of Obtaining a Degree

The truth is that obtaining a degree is challenging, and it takes a dedicated person to accomplish this feat. That being said, earning a degree does not automatically ensure that a job is waiting for you when you graduate. Some graduates may have an advantage over others. Those who obtain an online marketing degree may have that extra edge. Accredited marketing degree programs that include classes on how to sell, network with other professionals, and market goods and services will ensure that these future business leaders are ready for any challenge. These skills will not only help you in your career, they will also help you land a job as well.

The skills you learn in an online marketing degree program will essentially teach you how to take any given product, service, company, or person and make it appealing to consumers. Marketing graduates are adept at listening to and understanding the needs of their clients.

Advantage of Personality

One significant advantage that many marketers have is their unique personality and drive to succeed, both of which push them to take risks and meet challenges in the professional world. Persuasive personality and a confidence in their knowledge and skills make these successful graduates excellent at both interviewing and networking, two essential aspects of career development. These skills are strengthened through online marketing degree programs that will not only assist a person in getting a job, but will also help them continue to grow in their career as well.


Networking is the art of generating and nurturing relationships. Most college graduates have some experience with this process; some have been doing it throughout their life without even realizing it, never thinking about it from a professional aspect. It is an essential function of job hunting and career advancement. Marketers, by nature and by training, are great at this. They enjoy meeting new people and recognize the opportunities associated with not only making new acquaintances but remembering the specific details about a person and possibly even keeping a connection with them for years to come.


When it is time to interview, online marketing degree students are often successful. They are familiar with the mental agility and rapport needed to make lasting impressions. They understand the need to research a company before applying for a position and to understand the business model before showing up for an interview. They already have excellent communication skills and the attention to detail needed for success.

Linfield College Online and Continuing Education’s Program

If you are contemplating earning a degree, it may be best to go with your dreams and passions. However, if you are finding that you are at a crossroad concerning what field of study to emphasize, consider an online marketing degree. As discussed above, a marketing degree can take you far and open doors to many career paths. Linfield College offers you an opportunity to earn your marketing degree online.

Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate Program

At Linfield College, you have a choice between the online bachelor’s degree in marketing or the certificate in marketing. For those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, the online certificate is an excellent alternative. You will gain the knowledge of the marketing specialty through the courses in the certificate.

The marketing certificate may be combined with a Linfield bachelor’s degree in another field, such as the accounting degree or the management degree. The certificate consists of four specialized marketing courses, so it can fit nicely into a student’s overall graduation plan.

The accredited online marketing degree, or the marketing certificate, will help prepare you to excel in the fields of marketing, and you will have additional skills in interviewing that will be of benefit throughout your professional career.