Inspiration Methods For Creative Writing

For those of us with a creative bent, writing can be both a source of joy and frustration. The times when words flow from us like water from a faucet are magical. Filling a blank page with your ideas is a fulfilling experience that can’t quite be matched by anything else. Other times, when the words seem stuck in mud and nothing sounds right, it can be difficult to sit in front of your computer and struggle with your thoughts. If you need a little boost, here are some ways to help jumpstart your muse.

Take A Stroll

Getting up and moving around can help clear old thoughts from your mind, making room for new ones. A brisk walk in nature provides you with fresh air and can give you a new perspective on the ideas that you’re struggling with. Try to observe little sensory details around you, like sounds, colors and scents. The smallest things can help spark your brain and give you new insights into your writing.

Talk To People

Bouncing ideas off of your friends and fellow students is a great way to gain a different perspective on your writings. A formal writing group can give you direct feedback from colleagues, but just chatting with classmates can help you form new ideas as well. Striking up a conversation with a stranger while waiting in line at the coffee shop can offer up a brand-new viewpoint on old ways of thinking or serve as inspiration for a creative piece.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

A broad range of experiences provides you with a varied background to draw from while writing. Many writers enjoy other forms of creative expression, like theater and art. Taking time to appreciate other artists can help free your mind and provide you with fresh inspiration. Community service can also give you a new way of looking at things. Helping people in your local community can provide exposure to different groups and cultures while simultaneously making a positive impact on your neighborhood. Clubs and organizations can also offer another way to expand your horizons. Try something new that forces you to rethink old assumptions.

Longhand Writing

Most of us probably use a computer or other electronic device to do most of our writing, but putting pen to paper can have a soothing effect that calms your mind. Many people enjoy freeform writing, where you just jot down whatever thoughts pop into your head. The simple act of writing by hand can sometimes provide a flow of words and ideas that break through your writer’s block.

If you love the idea of learning and collaborating with a group of creative, like-minded individuals that can help elevate your writing, read more about Linfield College’s online Creative Writing certificate. Our program exposes you to every stage of the writing process, from information gathering all the way to revision, editing and completion. If you’re looking for a way to add writing skills to your portfolio, our online Creative Writing program can help set you apart from other job candidates.

How to Heal the World with a Global Health Certificate

If you’ve always been concerned about the health and well-being of people and animals throughout the world, the Global Health Certificate program can empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to really make a difference.

Whether you’re just out of high school or trying to escape the cubicle life, learning how to make meaningful changes in politics, culture, economics and society can lead to a very enriching life. With this certificate, you may be able to start a career as a health outreach coordinator, health educator, humanitarian response manager or global health researcher.

What You’ll Learn

The online coursework you’ll take in bioethics, environmental health, epidemiology and other global health topics will help you learn how to diagnose and address the real causes of major health issues.

Your focus will be on solving problems for populations, not just individuals. For example, you may be involved in a project that gives clean water to an entire rural village in a developing country, or you may work on reducing disease outbreak in areas without access to modern healthcare. We have electives to help you focus on an area in which you’re interested. You can take:

  • Medical Anthropology
  • Cultural Environment Health
  • Environmental Economics
  • International Law, Ethics and Global Governance

The knowledge and experience you gain with a Global Health Certificate will just be the start of your path. It will represent your desire to bring solutions to people all across the globe who are in desperate need of help. Breaking down socioeconomic and geographic boundaries will require perseverance and a desire for global equality.

How You’ll Heal the World

With an international perspective and solid understanding of global health issues, you’ll be ready to tackle a wide range of problems throughout the world. You should be ready to:

  • Collaborate with locals to create initiatives that will improve the health of troubled communities.
  • Work with practitioners from a variety of disciplines, such as engineers, doctors, nutrition experts, and farmers, to get results.
  • Be respectful of local culture while still being transformative.
  • Be an overall informed citizen who recognizes global health affairs.

Whether you decide to make an effort to heal communities within the United States or abroad, your skills, dedication and experience will make a real difference. The Global Health Certificate is all about making you a well-rounded person who works hard for change.

Entering The Marketing World With An Online Degree

Under the influence of the Internet, the modern marketplace is evolving more rapidly than ever before. This means that aspiring marketing professionals require thorough education that covers not only the core ideas behind marketing, but how to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. One way to succeed? Linfield College’s renowned online marketing program. But once you’ve achieved your degree from Linfield College, how will it help you stand out in the competitive world of marketing?

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Success in marketing requires a combination of time-tested marketing best practices and cutting-edge techniques. Our online marketing program covers every element you’ll need to keep ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced industry. The program builds a firm educational foundation with introductory-level courses, including Principles of Economics and Managerial Accounting, to prepare students for the world of business. More advanced courses include Promotions Management, Business Law and International Marketing, helping enrollees understand the full scope of the industry they wish to enter. This broad selection of skills can help you land a position in advertising, public relations, product management, sales and several other fields with small businesses and big brands alike.

An Internship Opportunity

While the online marketing degree allows students to complete their coursework anywhere, any time, the opportunity to participate in an internship shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, some studies – including one by Southwestern University – indicate that a large portion of college internships lead directly to full-time positions. And it’s no wonder, since marketing internships offer students their first opportunity to develop hands-on experience, build confidence on the job and forge invaluable relationships with other marketing professionals.

Pursue A Marketing Degree At Linfield College Today

Linfield College’s online marketing degree program offers the perfect opportunity to reach your educational goals without putting your life on hold. Learn more about the program by requesting information, or apply today to get started.