Nicole Elwell: Living the Nursing Dream


How many of us have dreamed of finding a career that takes us around the world? Alumni Nicole Elwell has done just that after completing Linfield’s Online RN to BSN program.

When Nicole Elwell graduated from Linfield’s Online and Continuing Education program in the summer of 2016 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she was looking forward to seeing what new doors would open up in her career.  Recently, she got her answer when she accepted the opportunity to work with Open Arms International, an organization that provides emotional and medical relief to African villages. This summer, Nicole will be living out her dreams and putting her nursing skills and knowledge to work in Kenya where she will be helping the medical teams in their new  facilities and providing care to the orphans in the village.

Now you may be asking yourself, how did Nicole get this opportunity? Before starting her BSN, Nicole noticed that more employers were requiring nurses to have a bachelors or to be in the process of earning a bachelors. So Nicole took action and turned to Linfield’s Online RN to BSN program. When Nicole was weighing her options to obtain her BSN, she chose Linfield because the online option worked well with her schedule and the unique study abroad opportunities were perfectly tailored to her ambitions.

While earning her BSN Nicole was like many of our OCE students, also balancing life and work obligations. Despite the many things on her plate, Nicole was also able to take advantage of Linfield’s incredible international service learning opportunities within the RN to BSN program and studied in Peru while earning her BSN.

According to her advisor, Joanne Swenson, “Nicole hit some bumps in the road of life during her time at Linfield but she persisted and was successful in earning her BSN. I admire her tenacity as she follows her passion of working with medical teams and caring for orphans in Kenya.”

Nicole was able to achieve her educational ambitions due to her focus, hard work and a little help now and again from Linfield faculty and staff.  When asked about her professors, Nicole says “All of them were supportive and dedicated to helping students learn.”

The admiration and respect are mutual.  “Nicole is a perfect example of how our students transform their careers as a result of advancing their nursing education,” says professor Melissa Robinson, PhD, RN. “We continue to be inspired by the many ways that our Linfield RN to BSN graduates go on to impact health in our community, globally. Nicole has a very bright future!”

With that bright future now filled with exciting opportunities, Nicole knows that attaining her BSN “was a solid investment and one I know I will be benefiting from the rest of my life.”

Are you looking to take the next step in your nursing career? Check out Linfield’s fully online RN to BSN program at  (From now until May 14, RN to BSN applicants can apply for free!)


Three Signs You’re Ready to Go Back to School at an Accredited Online College

Are you considering going back to school as a working adult? Learn how accredited online colleges make it easier to handle school and work. 

If you’ve put off your education in favor of work or struggled with the idea of going back to school as an adult, you’re not alone. Going back to school is not a simple decision. There are financial implications to consider, time commitments to honor, and often a full-time work schedule to juggle. While traditional colleges are great for younger students, it can be tough for adult students managing their families and careers. Here are three ways you’ll know if you’re ready to go back to school with an accredited online college.

You Feel Stuck

When you started your career, you may have felt that the growth potential with the company was endless. However, as you’ve progressed and gained more experience, you may feel stuck in your current role or wish to pursue a new career path. It’s never too late to start. Accredited online colleges make it easy to go back to school and move forward in your career, so you’ll have the credentials you need to get that promotion.

You Know What You Want to Do

Many students start college without a clear idea of what field they want to work in or what truly interests them. After working in a few industries, you’ve likely figured out what career path you wish to pursue and what courses you need to take to make that dream possible. If you have a clear idea of what you want to study and understand the effort required to get there, then you may be ready to start looking into programs offered through accredited online colleges.

You Understand the Financial Commitment

Most accredited online colleges are affordable, but there is still some expense associated with achieving your degree. As an experienced working professional, you understand the financial commitment and have prepared yourself to cover the costs. You’re willing to speak to a financial aid representative to discuss your options and may have already started setting aside money for your education.

It’s never too late to continue your education. Whether you’re looking for a career-specific certificate or wish to pursue a degree, we’re here to help. Browse our online course catalog and find the perfect program to help you reach your goals.


Five Benefits of Taking an Online Creative Writing Course

Many benefits come with taking online college courses. Here are five reasons to sign up for an online creative writing course.

Over the past decade, there has been a rise of available online college courses, creating more incentive to enroll. While there are many options, an online creative writing course can be helpful both professionally and personally. Here are five primary reasons to sign up.

  1. Improve Communication
    Creative writing requires using deliberate language as well as being aware of how tone and underlying cues communicate ideas. By thinking critically about how characters speak, the writer will communicate more effectively in their daily interactions. Furthermore, by writing every day, written communication skills are fine-tuned which is valuable for a broad range of employers.
  2. Foster Creative Thinking
    Taking an online creative writing course is an excellent way to work on problem-solving skills. In order to be compelling, characters must be put into problematic situations and the author must work out how to resolve them. This can help the writer in their own life. For example, by analyzing how a character navigates interpersonal relationships, they might find it easier to relate to a coworker or solve an issue at home.
  3. Create Routine
    Writing takes routine, but it can be hard to know where to start. A creative writing course can be the perfect way to get into the habit of writing every day due to daily and weekly assignments. That routine can be maintained after course completion and can help set schedules for other activities.
  4. Achieve Personal Goals
    Online college courses make it easy to achieve goals while still having a tight schedule. Whether someone has been curious about trying creative writing, is looking to improve their storytelling skills, or needs a push to start working on a novel, an online creative writing course offers the time flexibility that’s needed.
  5. Receive Feedback
    Writers know it’s frustrating to write a piece and receive no constructive feedback or criticism, as these two things create better, more concise writing. In an online creative writing course, the professor and fellow students can give objective feedback as well as guidance on how to improve technique. This will inherently create more advanced writing skills.

For prospective students who are interested in enrolling in a creative writing course, Linfield’s creative writing program is currently accepting students for spring term. Explore the other online college courses, or to find out more information, fill out this form or apply now today.