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Thinking about applying to Linfield College’s Adult Degree Program? Our Academic Advisors Are Here for You

Do you have lots of questions about returning to college for a bachelor’s degree or certificate? Perfect timing! Two of our academic advisors in the Adult Degree Program recently shared their insights for prospective students. Read on to learn their tips and get the answers you need.

As soon as someone applies for admission to the Linfield College Adult Degree Program they are assigned an academic advisor who will guide them through the admission and enrollment process. In our video Academic Advisors: Your Advocate from First Contact Through Graduation, ADP advisors Joanne Swenson and Janielle Losaw explain how Linfield academic advisors help students through application, enrollment and graduation. If you’re a prospective student, you can speak frankly with an advisor before you even apply with questions such as how Linfield College awards transfer credits for previous college experience, and what you can expect from the online learning experience in the Adult Degree Program.Linfield-College-Academic-Advisor-Janielle-Losaw

Our team of advisors are happy to spend time emailing or talking on the phone with you to answer your questions. As Janielle explains, “One of the really important roles that we play as academic advisors is helping prospective students figure out what sort of credits might transfer from the work that they did before at another college or university.” We believe in transparency. We want you to know exactly what you can expect from Linfield College and so you can make an informed decision.

When you are admitted, you will meet with your academic advisor by phone, in person or by Skype to go over your Transfer Credit Evaluation and discuss an academic plan of classes to follow for the most direct path to your goal of graduation. Your advisor is well versed in your degree program and will give you a realistic view of how many college credits you’ve been awarded as transfer credits, how many you have left to earn, and how long it will take you to complete your bachelor’s degree or certificate at Linfield College.

Our academic advisors have helped thousands of students to map out their academic plans and progress smoothly from admission to graduation in the ADP. Our advisors speak from years of experience about approaches that work (and what doesn’t). For example, many of Joanne’s advisees are registered nurses pursuing an RN to BSN degree. When nurses ask, “What is the best course load that I should take as a fulltime working adult?” Joanne recommends an academic plan for each student so they are able to balance school with job and family responsibilities.

Our advisors help students to make the best use of Linfield College’s resources to reach success, such as helping you to make a connection with learning support services or with financial aid, or with our extended library services for online students.  Each of our advisors has expertise in how to excel in our different majors and certificates and their job is to help you. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in business information systems, management, or any of our other programs, your advisor will provide you with valuable insight as you progress through classes.

Once you’re taking classes, our advisors can help you solve academic challenges that arise. For instance, if you are looking for additional academic support in some of your online classes, we offer e-tutoring services, where students can “walk into a tutoring center virtually” to get personalized tutoring on a variety of subjects. Our advisors can also provide you with studying and time-management strategies that have had proven success with students in the past.

Joanne sums up what all of our academic advisors in the Adult Degree Program do for students when she explains: “There are 3 main things that I work with students on right away at the beginning. One is to calm their fears about how their credits will transfer. Two is how are they going to pay for this? There’s financial aid, student loans, scholarships. And three, how am I going to manage life as a student?” Whatever your questions, our academic advisors will help answer them or refer you to the resources you need, so you can get where you need to go.

Go ahead – ask us your first question today!