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Online History Classes Enable Students to be History Detectives

Linfield’s online history courses in the Adult Degree Program have a great deal to offer adult students. The study of history allows them to look into important issues and questions that they may not have grappled with for many years. Who are we? Why are things the way they are? How should we govern and distribute limited resources? History guards against the provincialism we all tend to develop with age and aids in our ability to analyze complex and varied information.

Online history courses allow adult students the luxury of time to provide thoughtful reflection on a topic or issue. Although in-class discussions can be wonderful and interactive, they don’t often allow for the same deep, reflective responses that an online discussion offers.

I recall one student’s thoughtful post, that he never really understood why his grandparents had the attitudes about money that they did, until he read an account from the Great Depression about a woman who saved in a box “string too short to save.”

The study of history requires skills that are useful to almost any other profession and it has been my experience that adult learners are very interested in relevance in their college courses.

The quest for “historical significance” much like detective work, requires examination, interpretation and the ability to report. These are all skills gained through online history courses.

Linfield’s Adult Degree Program offers a variety of online courses in history from “Modern China” to “History of the United States” to “Europe and the West since 1939” to ensure plenty of topics of interest for all of those taking history courses.

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Linfield Adult Degree Program Professor Ryan Madden wrote this article.