What Makes Getting An Online International Business Degree Worth It: Rachelle Rehberg Student Profile

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Rachelle Rehberg, like many, assumed it was too late in the game when she realized she wanted to pursue an online international business degree. After graduating high school and already setting on a path in the fashion industry, she had decided to take a different road to her dreams instead of college. Before long, she moved up in the company and found herself in a general manager position.

She was then given the chance to take on a project in China for a short time, but due to the Chinese government’s policy on visas, she could not accept it without a bachelor’s degree and was forced to turn down the opportunity. That’s when she decided to sign up for an online international business degree program.

Opening Doors

The most obvious benefit of this program is the ability to complete assignments entirely from a laptop, at home or on the go. It is easy for Rachelle to manage her job and personal life by completing homework on lunch breaks and taking advantage of how she essentially creates her own schedule. She uses a lot of her free time to study, but she says, “I am lucky that I have friends and family who are understanding, so that when I am ‘caught up,’ they are able to get together to spend time with me.”

She has studied abroad and immersed herself in new cultures and experiences in Guatemala, as well as having taken an internship in Thailand. These opportunities fit future prospects, and they present new options that wouldn’t have been pursued otherwise. An online international business degree can lead to learning new languages and perspectives, be applied to global markets or non-profit organizations, and broaden known horizons while also creating new ones previously unseen.

Take Advantage of Opportunity

Rachelle says her time in the program has been nothing short of incredible, claiming, “I have had some of the smartest, most caring and passionate professors that I could have ever asked for.” She was allowed to use what she already knew going in to obtain prior credit—an entire semester’s worth—from 15 years of work and knowledge in her company. She also has been awarded a scholarship to help pay tuition and was extended an invitation to an alumni society, further networking with the online International Business degree program.

Rachelle is not only learning so much she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn before, but she will also walk away with a degree that opens countless doors in her career. The chances to succeed so greatly outweigh the risk of failure that not signing up for the program ultimately seems like the larger mistake a person could make if they see any need for it in their life.

Watch a short video of Rachelle describing her student experience in Linfield’s Online and Continuing Education program.