Linfield’s Adult Degree Program gives Students Untraditional Freedoms

Online education is truly a gift to many students who would have otherwise been unable to attend college or pursue their educational goals. For many students, the ability to complete their education online is priceless, because it provides them with access to the college experience. Online students get something those enrolled in on-campus classes may have to put on hold: freedom to travel, to work internationally and to spend extended time with family and friends, all while keeping up with their courses online. Two students currently enrolled in Linfield’s Adult Degree Program offer advice on how to find balance between college courses and daily life. Amy and Oznur have been kind enough to share their experiences as students who have welcomed the freedom that online learning provides.

Oznur discusses her “freedom to travel” and work internationally while raising her family and seeing to their well being while completing her goal of achieving the bachelor’s degree in accounting.

“I benefit from online classes tremendously.  I am originally from Turkey and was able to finish my AA degree at Boise State University in 1997; with the dream that one day I would go back to school to finish my B.S., and perhaps even further studies from there on. In the meanwhile, my husband and I have signed contracts for working overseas and have been doing that for the last 15 years.  Living in ex-Soviet countries, I was not able to pursue my dream of attending further classes for many years until I came across online classes.  I wanted to wait until our daughters were about high-school age where I could get more free time for myself to pursue the dream I had, while continuing to be a parent, supporting my husband with his work, and continuing with my career in accounting with my employer, Quality Schools International.  Online classes provide flexible studying hours that allow me to continue with my work, family, and travels that I do.  Regardless where I am around the world, as long as I am connected to the Internet, I am able to be in the classes that I take, anywhere, anytime.  The flexibility aspect of online classes is of great value to me for the reasons that I had mentioned.

There are many online programs offered by many different colleges, but choosing the right school was a bit of a challenge.  I wanted to find a liberal arts school that is rather small enough to pay close attention to its students while having appropriate accreditations to provide academic classes that are competitive.  After reading about Linfield College a little bit, I decided to write to request further information, and received nothing but a warm welcome with tremendous amounts of professional help which helped making my decision about school of choice. It was clear that Linfield cared about each and every of its students which made me want to be one of the Linfield students while being with my family, keeping my career, and continue with my travels.”

Amanda “Amy” Smith is an Accounting degree student currently living in Alaska, whose husband is on active duty in the Coast Guard. Amy talks about her freedom to travel while enrolled in the Linfield Adult Degree Program, the flexibility to do her coursework at her convenience and the ability to transfer credits from another college towards her degree at Linfield.

“I started attending college at Portland Community College and after I was about 2 and a half years in, I was looking to transfer to a University. Also around this time, my husband, who was then my boyfriend, was going through Coast Guard boot camp.  He ended up getting stationed in Sitka, Alaska, which was definitely the last place we expected!  After hearing this news, we got married and I moved there with him.  I knew Sitka was located on an island and that I would have limited opportunities but I didn’t want to put my education on hold, especially since I had taken a year or so off after high school before starting college.  I looked into UAS, , but most of my credits from PCC didn’t transfer.  Also, due to the lack of professors in Sitka, most of the classes were offered online but didn’t have the convenience of online education because the classes were still at designated times.  I then looked into Linfield and saw that they offered an accounting degree fully online which is what I was interested in majoring in.  I had heard of Linfield from my sister-in-law, who had mentioned it to me before when I was considering a nursing degree.

With my husband being in the military, where he works on a boat, he has to leave town occasionally for weeks at a time.  Since Sitka is quite small and tends to get lonely by myself, I like to visit my parents in Chicago or my brothers and in-laws in Portland while my husband is away, which is why an online program has been perfect for me.  I’m also currently visiting my friend in Florida; how often can students plan a trip during the school term?  Online classes give me the flexibility to do my work at my convenience.  My friend goes to school down here so when she has class, I stay back and work on my homework from my laptop.”

Both Amy’s and Oznur’s first-hand testimonials prove the importance to many non-traditional students of online degrees. The flexibility of Linfield’s Adult Degree Program is helping them both to realize their dream of continuing their education while successfully balancing the demands of school with work, family, and travel.

In addition to the bachelor’s degree in accounting, Linfield online students are able to earn their degrees fully online through asynchronous classes that are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the fields of nursing (RN to BSN), management, and marketing.