Linfield’s ADP Announces the Winners of the Adult Degree Program Scholarships

Many people dream of achieving a college degree, whether it be returning after a hiatus from school or starting a whole new chapter of their life. One of the biggest reasons that adults do not feel this dream is obtainable is the significant cost associated with tuition, books, and fees. Linfield’s Adult Degree Program wants to help students reach their dreams and provides services that may not be available at all higher education institutions. Linfield’s Adult Degree Program is not only affordable, it offers students several scholarship opportunities and even hosts Path to Scholarships Online Workshops in order to empower students to apply successfully for scholarships. The next Path to Scholarships online workshop will be held on September 21st.

Alumni and friends of Linfield College’s Adult Degree Program have generously donated funds to establish scholarships specifically for students in the program.  Awards are based on academic merit and financial need and do not require repayment. Linfield’s Adult Degree Program has recently announced their 4 scholarship winners and would like to take this opportunity to share their experience.

Arthur Lind Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established in memory of Arthur Lind, a lifelong learner, is awarded annually to a minority student showing financial need. Recipients are to be earning a degree through the Adult Degree Program, with preference given to seniors.

Carmen Roman is the recipient of the Arthur Lind Memorial Scholarship.

“Attending Linfield has been great thus far, as a working mother, I am grateful that Linfield is able to offer me the education I desire, within the flexible format I need.   I have very much enjoyed the courses taken thus far and am grateful for having Instructors who are well versed within their fields and committed to staying connected, even within the online format. Defy the odds and be proud when you do.  As a teen mom that was also a high school drop out, someone once read me a statistic that only 1% of ‘girls like me’ actually go to college and complete.  I am proud to say that despite such as “statistic,” I not only graduated from high school, but am about to complete my undergraduate degree, and am also serving other non-traditional students within higher education, so that they too can defy the odds,” Carmen Roman, Social & Behavioral Sciences degree.

Adult Degree Program Alumni Scholarship Fund

The fund was created in 1994 and continues to grow with gifts from ADP graduates. Proceeds are awarded annually to students with demonstrated financial need. Recipients may receive the award only once and must meet the scholarship’s minimum GPA and enrollment criteria for eligibility.

Paula Love is a recipient of the Adult Degree Program Alumni Scholarship Fund

“My experience with the Adult Degree Program at Linfield, has been one of significant success in my life. When I graduated from nursing school with my ADN in June of 2003, it was always my goal to go back and finish my education. Linfield provided this opportunity in a way that I could work full time, provide for my family as I am a single parent, and finish my education in a very focused and progressive manner. The program is definitely set up for success for its students, and is a very rewarding experience.

My advice to anyone wanting to finish their education, or to even start their education with Linfield is to find the time, and make the commitment to yourself to do it. It is a program designed for the working professional, and it is a very attainable goal to set for yourself. I am very excited for graduation, and feel that I have met a lifetime goal with Linfield’s help,”

Paula Love, RN to BSN degree

Erika Williams is a recipient of the Adult Degree Program Alumni Scholarship Fund.

“My experience with Linfield ADP has been great! The staff has always been helpful and encouraging. They want to see the students succeed in school and in their future endeavors,” said Erika Williams.  Any advice, “it is never too late to pursue an education”. Erika Williams, Accounting degree

Danielle Holten is also a recipient of the Adult Degree Program Alumni Scholarship. She is pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and was unavailable for this article.