Linfield RN to BSN Program Builds Workplace Top Performers

After completing Linfield College’s RN to BSN online degree program, Clarissa Thomas has had exciting new job opportunities.

by Faith Hardersen, current Linfield student

“I’ve always thought of myself as a top job performer, and I realized that without a BSN I wouldn’t even be able to keep up with the pack, much less be a top performer.” – Clarissa Thomas, Alumni, Class of 2015.

When Clarissa Thomas realized that having a BSN was important for her nursing career advancement, she turned to Linfield College’s RN to BSN online degree program to help launch her forward in the workplace. Linfield provided Clarissa with the reputable, fully online RN to BSN program she was looking for.

Clarissa Thomas finished the Linfield College’s online nursing program and received her BSN in 2015. It did not take long at all for Clarissa to realize how valuable it was to have a BSN in the nursing field.

“At the beginning of my BSN online degree program, I was certain that an associate’s degree in nursing had fully prepared me to be an excellent clinical nurse. However, my eyes have been opened to the role that the nurse plays within the broader context of health care. I now agree that a bachelor’s degree in nursing is necessary to enable the practicing nurse to fully understand and embody the role of the professional nurse.”

Clarissa quickly recognized how much of an impact a professor can make on an individual in a small college setting. She was able to connect with professors and her academic advisor, and they were able to help guide her and her future plans for a graduate education and a future career.

“This instructor and class permanently changed the way I think about and approach the health differences among groups of people, and has instilled in me a strong desire to effect change in the social determinants of health.”

Linfield RN to BSN online degree program students receive the opportunity to participate in internships, research, or service learning projects, as well as studying abroad. Clarissa took this opportunity to volunteer at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center as well as Community Outreach Inc. She took this time to develop a deeper understanding of the compassion needed to help with the health of her patients.

“My service learning experience at Linfield College therefore not only enhanced my educational experience by meeting my personal goals but also has continued to enrich my life experiences even after completing my Linfield program.”

During her time completing the BSN online degree program, Clarissa developed a habit of creating a weekly schedule to help build structured study habits. Clarissa was also able to find a student who showed the same discipline and good study habits as her early in her RN to BSN program, and was able to bounce ideas off of that student during their Linfield careers. Linfield’s small school atmosphere allows for deeper connections with both faculty and students and builds a better sense of community.

After Clarissa received her BSN, she immediately started seeing results in her workplace. Her manager at The Samaritan Endoscopy Center created a staff coordinator position just for her and has allowed her to develop training programs for the clinical staff. This has inspired her to continue her nursing education and apply for a master’s program in nursing education.

“My BSN online degree has, therefore, enabled me to take on a new and exciting job, and has also enabled me to continue my nursing education to open even more doors in the future.”
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