Human Resources Certificate: Not Just for HR Folks

By Sally Alkazin

It would be easy to assume that studying for a human resources certificate might only benefit someone either wishing to move into or currently working in the field.  Guess again.  HR certificates are not just for HR folks: business professionals of a variety of backgrounds can gain invaluable insight through the HR certificate courses.  And with the program offered 100% online, it has never been easier for you to complete the program, no matter where you live or travel.

AHuman Resources Certificate Leads to Satisfying Careerss a small business owner or entrepreneur, an HR Certificate can provide you with information about HR issues that can impact your bottom line.  By learning the basics of Human Resource Management, a manager will have more confidence in their choices of new employees and retention and motivation of current ones.   Turnover of employees is expensive in replacement and training costs, as well as the potential of losing customer goodwill.   After completion of the certificate program, the small business owner will be able to recognize when they need to get additional outside resources to deal with a Human Resource issue that has a higher level of complication.  This can avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits.

Supervisors or managers in any field will better understand the motivations of the employees who report to them and help find ways to assist their employees in reaching their highest levels of performance.  Daily challenges of management will also become easier – such as conflicts between employees, abuse of sick time, and staffing challenges.  The same benefits would apply to managers and directors at a non-profit organization.

One of Linfield’s HR certificate students, currently a Nurse Manager at a large health care system, reports the HRM classes have been extremely valuable, providing knowledge that she applies regularly in her leadership and management roles.

Of course, if you are currently working in the Human Resources field but do not have Human Resource Management (HRM) credentials, then a Human Resources certificate will provide you expanded knowledge and credibility in the field.  It will teach you how and where you can find current information on Human Resource topics that you are interested in, and also indicate to your employer that you want to improve your knowledge and competency level.  It also may afford you more chances to move up in your career as openings occur.

And if you are not currently working in the Human Resources field, but would like to, then the Certificate could be instrumental in getting you hired into a Human Resources position.  For those interested in earning the professional credential of Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) a minimum of two years of work experience in the field of Human Resource Management is required.  A Certificate in Human Resource Management can be your “ticket in the door” to get that first Human Resource job which will qualify you for PHR and/or SPHR eligibility.

Linfield offers an online HR certificate where all four HR courses are offered online, making access to an HR education easier than ever.

Sally Alkazin has been teaching HR courses for Linfield College’s Division of Continuing Education for 13 years. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the American Society for Training and Development.

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