Discover the High Employment Rates and Job Satisfaction of Linfield College’s Adult Degree Program Graduates

Most Adult Degree Program students earn their degrees in order to propel their careers forward, so how satisfied are our graduates with their employment after graduating from Linfield’s Adult Degree Program?

As we mentioned in last month’s blog post, earlier this year we surveyed Adult Degree Program (ADP) alumni who had graduated in the past five years. We wanted to get an accurate sense of how achieving Linfield degrees impacts the lives of ADP graduates.

Linfield ADP Alumna Alla Komarova, graduate of the RN-BSN program

We surveyed our alumni and the results are impressive. Of our alumni who answered the Alumni Survey one year after completing their degree, an astounding 94% report they find their job to be “meaningful” and providing health insurance.

Jay Larsen, a recent graduate from the online management degree says, “I have recently been promoted to the company’s Global Technical Services Manager position. This promotion would not have happened without my BS degree. And having a degree from a well known and respected college like Linfield certainly helped my cause as well!”

The salaries reported by the alumni are also impressive, with a median income of 2012 graduates at $51,000 just one year after graduation. Alumni who graduated five years prior to the survey reported a median income of $70,000. This is higher than the national median personal income of adults with bachelor’s degrees reported by the most recent US Census. No wonder our alumni report high satisfaction with their online education from Linfield’s ADP. We’re proud, and our students are too!

In our recent survey of Linfield ADP graduates, 95% of the RN to BSN graduates, 93% of the Management graduates, and 79% of the Accounting graduates who responded, said they were either employed by the time of their graduation, or had found positions in their fields of interest within a reasonable time after graduation.  A graduate commented, “I found the opportunities to network at Linfield to be far greater than when I first went to college.”

How do the Linfield ADP graduates’ employment rates compare with national statistics?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, which tracks employment rates of the civilian population, in 2012 the employment rate was 72% for adults 25 – 64 years of age with some college but no bachelor’s degree.  Employment rates for adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher increased over the rates for adults without a bachelor’s degree to an average of 82%.

Linfield’s Adult Degree Program graduates reveal strengths in the employment area, both in their high degree of satisfaction with having attained positions in their fields of interest, and with their overall employment rates.

The 2013 Linfield Adult Degree Program Graduates Survey was conducted by the Center for Research and Consulting of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) at Linfield’s request. The retention and graduation rates were measured by the Linfield College Office of Institutional Research, which also gathered the graduates’ salary information from a survey of alumni.