Five Tips To Help Form Bonds With Online Peers And Teachers

Not even the online student, isolated in their personal schedule, is an island. Taking part in the online community made available with online college courses enhances and encourages the learning experience.

Linfield’s online college courses offer a unique and convenient experience to students across the globe. Even though the programs are designed to fit the needs of the individual student, everyone is encouraged to join the online community as much as possible. Forming a bond with a peer, or a personal connection with a teacher, can not only enrich the online experience┬ábut encourage growth and hard work within a student as well. Here are a few ways to reach out to the online community and get to know others.

Make Your Profile Available

You should have at your disposal an online profile of some kind. By filling out details about your goals, experiences, background, and even your personal life, you become more “approachable” by those that see your name on the roster. Go the extra mile and make sure your profile represents you and your personality and reasons for joining Linfield’s online college courses. If you’re comfortable with an online presence, provide a picture of your face and links to personal social media.

Take The Initiative In Communicatin

Your teacher will probably want everyone to be familiar with themselves and each other. They will likely create a thread on the community forum just for this purpose. Don’t wait for someone else to get the conversation started. Put yourself out there so others feel comfortable doing the same. If your teacher doesn’t create a “meet” thread on one of your online college courses community’s forum, be the first to create it. Your actions will be rewarded (more on that later).

Respond When Possible

In class discussions or in threads on the forum, always answer questions when you can. Remember, teachers are trying to encourage a conversation. By building a reputation as a student who responds to questions from both the teacher and students, you make yourself available for feedback later.

Reach Out When Needed

You may end up forming a personal connection with your fellow students. If you notice one of your peers has stopped participating and you have the resources to reach out to them appropriately, doing so could encourage them to continue on their educational path.

Embrace Acceptance And Community When Needed

Online college courses are as much about community as they are about independence and flexibility. By reaching out, taking the initiative and making yourself available when possible, you are helping to build that community. Your actions will be rewarded in the form of encouragement when you need it the most. If you miss a discussion, or need more time or help on an assignment, you will find that you have sown the seeds of an online group of friends who are ready and willing to help.