Earning an Accounting Degree in an Online Classroom

Online college education continues to grow in popularity for the flexibility and accessibility the format offers. Students value being able to complete their online degrees while continuing to work or seek employment, and maintain their at-home life. A concern that some students have before enrolling into online courses is how specific classes or courses will work in an online format.

For accounting courses, the transition to online is easy.

“Accounting is particularly well-suited for the online environment,” said Jeff Edwards, Accounting Instructor, Linfield Adult Degree Program. “The technology and the learning tools in accounting are probably more advanced compared to other subjects. For example, a pre-formatted Excel template used for homework helps save students time, so they can concentrate their focus on accounting concepts, rather than Excel set-up.”

Online accounting degree programs utilize a number of tools that help students during their studies so while they study and learn, they are also able to receive immediate feedback. The Homework Manager System is one such tool. This program allows students to work through practice problems while receiving immediate feedback to help students learn and understand the concepts before they attempt the graded problems. Instructors can also provide students with audio and visual resources, such as narrated PowerPoint lectures that are incorporated into the online classes to enhance learning.

Though a class may be online, the instructor-student interaction is still crucial to learning. In addition to the various tools that can be used to help students earn their online accounting degrees, instructors are available to answer questions, participate in online discussions and provide feedback on course work.

Returning to college as an adult is a big decision. In addition to some of the normal factors one must consider, including degree and institution, prospective students must also decide between a more traditional, campus-based college or earning their college degree online. Some students may prefer the structure and tradition of earning a degree in-person and on-campus. Others may prefer or need the convenience and flexibility that online classes offer. Online classes allow individuals to advance their education while still maintaining other commitments they have in their lives.

For individuals considering going back to college to earn an accounting degree, online education options are available. For more information on Linfield’s Adult Degree Program online accounting degree, please contact us.

Jeff Edwards, CPA, Accounting Instructor at Linfield College and Portland Community College, contributed to this article.