Linfield’s Adult Degree Program gives Students Untraditional Freedoms

Online education is truly a gift to many students who would have otherwise been unable to attend college or pursue their educational goals. For many students, the ability to complete their education online is priceless, because it provides them with access to the college experience. Online students get something those enrolled in on-campus classes may have to put on hold: freedom to travel, to work internationally and to spend extended time with family and friends, all while keeping up with their courses online. Two students currently enrolled in Linfield’s Adult Degree Program offer advice on how to find balance between college courses and daily life. Amy and Oznur have been kind enough to share their experiences as students who have welcomed the freedom that online learning provides. Continue reading

Interviewing for a Nursing Position: What to expect and how to Prepare

When you’re interviewing for a nursing position, you’ll most likely be asked about your skills and experience, your training, and your interests. This will differ depending on the situation, whether it is your first job after becoming licensed as a Registered Nurse or a career ladder opportunity that builds on your experience and advanced education as a Registered Nurse. With either situation it is important for interviewees to put their best foot forward and outline their qualifications in as much detail as possible. Below you will find some of the most pertinent preparation tips for Registered Nurses, whether they are seasoned nurses or just starting out in their career.

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RN to BSN in High Demand – Open a Door to a New Career

According to the Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN), there were nearly 44,500 registered nurses licensed in the state of Oregon in 2010. This was an increase of approximately 8,500 nurses over the past ten years. But even with this substantial increase, projections show Oregon will not have an adequate supply of registered nurses in coming years. There are a number of reasons behind this lack of nurses, but the major reason is the escalating number of RNs planning to retire or move to part-time status.

However, while the demand for registered nurses is growing, there was another report by the OCN, which found that employers are increasingly looking for RNs with BSN degrees for future hires. The Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education is working to better prepare Oregon nurses to assume leadership roles in the increasingly complex healthcare environment. Supporting this notion, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, has published information showing that registered nurses with BSN degrees are linked to better patient outcomes, including lower mortality rates. This is clearly a valuable aspect of any healthcare professional, as well as medical facility.

Earning a RN to BSN degree can be the next step for many RNs with an associate degree that will help them to provide the additional knowledge and clinical experience that is in demand by employers. Earning such a degree will also become a springboard to prepare for a range of nursing specialties through graduate study, which would not be available otherwise. With today’s online education options, it has never been more feasible to achieve your RN to BSN degree. Selecting the best fit for an online degree program is equally as big of a decision, as it is to make the decision to go back to college.

Linfield College Adult Degree Program, provides an accredited online degree program, so students know that they are earning a degree that is both valuable and respected industry wide. And while making the decision to go back to college is never easy, Linfield offers its students academic advising, financial aid assistance, and the flexibility of online class attendance that they need to earn their degree, along with the quality education they demand.

While the demand for registered nurses bringing additional knowledge and skills continues to grow in Oregon, the time is now to start working toward the next step in your career. Contact Linfield today and find out how you can start advancing your education right now.