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Gain a Global Advantage with an Online International Business Degree

Craig OstboWith the expanding global economy, many businesses and colleges in the United States are expanding their vision to include the global market. They are discovering that those who are interested in competing in the international arena often need more than a general business degree and knowledge of how the corporate world works. While Americans are used to their own company’s business culture and etiquette, citizens living in other countries are typically multi-lingual and accustomed to working with people from other countries with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Succeeding in the global economy can be a challenge, requiring people to continuously study and work hard to stay current on international affairs. In order to achieve the proper background and secure a place in the global business market, many businessmen and women are obtaining an international business degree instead of, or in addition to, a more general business degree. More and more businesses, as well as adults who are going back to college, see the advantage in having a business degree with an international focus.

“I have many clients that sell their products in countries other than the USA and Canada,” said Craig Ostbo, Linfield Adult Degree Program student. “Often we are charged with the responsibility of helping them navigate the international waters as it relates to their branding and marketing. During my first year at Linfield I realized that the International Business degree program offered much of what I was personally missing in my education and experience background as it relates to my business.”

In addition to offering courses in international management, economics, marketing and international business law, an international business degree also incorporates a global perspective into classes, making students more competent with cultural differences, life styles, and business practices. Such an understanding of global practices is highly beneficial and makes international business students extremely marketable.

With an international business degree, graduates might use their knowledge of global business and international etiquette to work in advertising, marketing, manufacturing or governmental affairs, often incorporating travel into their business practice. International business graduates might reside in the U.S. and use their knowledge of international business to help their company succeed in the global sector, or they may seek opportunities to live abroad.  Whatever one’s goals, an international business degree opens doors to exciting careers throughout the world.

“The real turning point was the study abroad requirement,” stated Craig. “Having the opportunity to personally tailor a study abroad program to something that was a direct benefit to my business was truly unexpected and a big surprise. I’m so thankful that my academic and faculty advisors have worked so hard to help me accomplish this personal and business goal.”

Fortunately, adult students can continue to work while earning their bachelor’s in international business with an online degree program from an accredited institution such as Linfield’s Adult Degree Program.