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Past and Present Linfield Adult Degree Students Share Their Stories

Linfield ADP student testimoniesThe Linfield Adult Degree Program has given people who are mid-career, an opportunity to achieve higher education, with the flexibility that many adult students demand, in order to add earning an online degree to an already busy schedule. Linfield’s Adult Degree Program has helped paved the way for online higher learning with a program that caters to those adults who seek an online option for earning their degree.

Back in September 2010, we shared the first hand experiences of four past and present Linfield ADP students with their video testimonials. Each student shared the stories and experiences they encountered while going back to college to earn a degree, to help answer the questions many future students have before deciding to earn their degree mid-career. Jeremy Gingerich, Craig Ostbo, Michelle Lagos and Brian Roberts are all back to share more of their challenges and triumphs with online degrees in our new set of video testimonials. Hear more stories on topics, such as seeking new career opportunities, to including college in an already busy schedule and more.

Watch these new video testimonials to see first-hand how achieving a degree or post baccalaureate certificate as an adult mid-career is both possible and rewarding.

We want to give a special thank you to Jeremy, Craig, Michelle and Brian for offering their time to share their personal stories in these videos.