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5 Online Education Facts You Might Not Know

#1. Not all online colleges are 100% online

Many degrees programs that can be completed online are offered by colleges and universities steeped in history, with degrees also offered in a traditional campus setting.  Linfield College, for instance, is one of the oldest colleges in the Pacific Northwest chartered in 1858.  The college consists of three divisions—the McMinnville Campus, the Portland Campus of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Division of Continuing Education (DCE). The DCE offers adults the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees and certificates in both online and hybrid (combination online and classroom) settings.

#2. Not all online colleges are accredited

There is nothing greater in importance in the world of higher education than the distinction of proper accreditation. Either a school is reviewed, accredited and recognized as a legitimate and effective educational institution, or it is not.  Accreditation recognizes colleges for performance, integrity, and quality in meriting the confidence of the public.  A regionally accredited online college assures the earned degree is accepted and respected by other accredited colleges at all levels of college education,  from associate degree, to bachelor’s degree, to master’s degree to doctoral degrees.  A school achieves accreditation regionally and from one of six U.S. Department of Education recognized bodies. Through a peer and self-review process that must be reaffirmed periodically, a school is measured for institutional quality.

#3. Distance education is not a new concept

Distance education began in the 19th century with correspondence courses. As time has passed, technology has been a driver of many new forms of distance education, including online courses.

#4. Online students have access to scholarships, grants, and student loans

Whether you take a combination of on-campus and online classes or all online classes, what matters when it comes to most college scholarships, grants and student loans through financial aid is that the college or university you are attending is accredited.  This is a major reason why it’s important to find out if the online college you are considering is accredited.

#5. Not all online degree programs are 100% online

Some online college degrees require a certain number of courses be taken on campus. The Linfield Arts and Humanities degree program capstone course, The Senior Seminar, for instance, is offered fall semester on the Linfield McMinnville campus, where students meet for two weekend classes with the professor and the Extended Services Librarian.  All other courses to complete the degree program can be taken online.

The Linfield Online RN to BSN degree program includes a clinical experience that may be arranged by the registered nurse and their nursing professor wherever the RN is licensed in the United States, or may be carried out internationally. All other courses to complete the BSN degree are provided online.