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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Helping People Improve Their Lives with a Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree

Do you want to help people to improve their lives in your career? Have you been looking for a way to get involved in a helping profession, but aren’t sure where to start, or how to make a career of it? Perhaps you have considered a career in social services or as a teacher or […]

Apply Today for Free at Linfield Adult Degree Program to Save $100 for Spring and Summer Semesters

Starting today, Linfield College Adult Degree Program is offering free application for all students who apply before February 20, 2012. The $100 application fee for the bachelor’s degree program and the $50 fee for the certificate programs will both be waived. All adult students who apply and then begin their respective program in either the […]

Industry Demand for International Business Degrees

With countries’ economies more inter-connected through the global markets, many businesses are seeing an advantage to hiring individuals with an international business degree. In addition to being well rounded and knowledgeable of the business field, these employees have a highly prized focus—one that is global. Understanding the broader world in which we live is becoming […]