Past and Present Linfield ADP Students Offer their Testimonials

Linfield College established its Adult Degree Program for those individuals who desired a higher level of education, while maintaining life and work schedules that demands flexibility. Leading the way in online higher education, Linfield’s program caters to adults seeking alternatives to an entirely classroom based education. But even with the ability to earn an online degree or an online certificate as an adult, or through evening and hybrid classes that blend face-to-face meetings with online communication, making the decision to move forward to take action can be challenging.

Linfield created a set of video testimonials by four individuals who wanted to share their experiences of having made the decision to go back to college. Each person shared a common goal of gaining more knowledge and achieving their college degree or post baccalaureate certificate as an adult through Linfield’s online adult degree program, but with four very different stories. Jeremy Gingerich, Craig Ostbo, Michelle Lagos and Brian Roberts discuss the common fears and questions that they encountered when considering the return to college in pursuit of higher education. From topics such as wanting a career change, to fitting college into an already busy life, all four interviewees share the challenges and the triumphs they embraced.

They offer practical advice about deriving the most from the online learning experience as adults in college.

Watch these video testimonials to see first-hand how finding a way as adults to achieve a higher education is both possible and rewarding.

We want to give a special thank you to Jeremy, Craig, Michelle and Brian for offering their time to share their personal stories in these videos.