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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Computer for College Online

As an online college student, you’ll spend a substantial amount of time on your computer, posting answers to questions, participating in online discussion, emailing professors and other online activities.  Before classes start, it’s important to ensure you have access to a reliable computer that meets the requirements of your online college degree program. Whether you […]

Transitioning from an Associate’s to a Bachelor’s Degree

By Virginia MacCallum, Linfield Academic Advisor A community college is an excellent place to start your higher education, which can lead to a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university or, perhaps, beyond to graduate degrees.  You may ask yourself how you can make the most of your community college experience to be sure […]

Top Online Degrees Earned in the US

Throughout the United States, online college enrollment has been experiencing substantial growth each year for more than six years now, with the last year seeing the greatest growth to-date due to the recent economic turbulence and rising unemployment. By 2008, one of every ten college students was enrolled in an online degree program. What are […]