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Martin  Dwomoh-Tweneboah - Professor (Chair)

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Education: BS Honors University of Science and Technology, Ghana; Canditatus Magisterri, Candidatus Scientarium University of Trondheim, Norway

Academic Interests: Martin Dwomoh-Tweneboah's interests are in Software Engineering, Databases, Networks and Communications. In addition to his responsibilities as the department chair, Martin teaches courses in databases, software engineering, operating systems, systems analysis and computer architecture. He also works with students who are interested in taking external certification exams in database administration, network and systems administration and prepares students for these exams.

Daniel Ford - Assistant Professor

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Education: B.A. Liberal Studies UC Santa Barbara 1985 M.B.A. Cornell 1992 Masters in Information Technology UCLLN (Belgium) 1993 Masters in Computer Science Colorado State University 1997