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Computer Science Courses

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COMP-121  Introduction To The Internet and World Wide Web

Introduction to the internet through the World- wide Web. Emphasis on the social and cultural implications of the emerging information and communication technologies. Techniques of web-page creation. $30 lab fee. Offered fall. 4 credits

COMP-131  Computers In Modern Society

Impact of computers on present and future society. Benefits and problems of computer technology. History of computing and computers. Ethical and legal basis for privacy protection; technological strategies for privacy protection; freedom of expression in cyberspace; international and intercultural implications. Information security and crime. Social, ethical, political and technological implications and effects of computers in the modern world. $30 lab fee. Offered spring. 4 credits (IS)

COMP-160  Introduction To Programming: Functions

Introduces the basic concepts of programming: reading and writing unambiguous descriptions of sequential processes. Emphasizes introductory algorithmic strategies and corresponding structures. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: MATH 105 or equivalent. Offered fall. 3 credits (QR)

COMP-260  Database Management Systems

Information systems design and implementation within a database management system environment. Topics include conceptual, logical, and physical data models and modeling tools; mapping conceptual schema to relational schema, entity and referential integrity, relational algebra and relational calculus. Database query languages [Structured Query Language (SQL)]. Relational database design, transaction processing, and physical database design (storage and file structures). Database implementation, including use interface and reports. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: COMP 160 or 152. Offered fall. 3 credits

COMP-262  Intermediate Programming: Data Abstractions

Adds data abstraction, intermediate data types and related algorithms to the beginning programming techniques learned in COMP 161. $30 lab fee. Prerequisites: 161 and MATH 230 completed or concurrent. Offered fall. 3 credits

COMP-263  Intermediate Programming: Algorithm Design and Analysis

Adds the concept and related tools of asymptotic complexity bounds to the foundational techniques developed in MATH 230. Applies these tools to the design and analysis of intermediate level algorithms with an aim toward efficiency. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 262 and MATH 230. Offered spring. 3 credits

COMP-330  Operating Systems and Networking

Operating systems design and implementation. Topics include overview of components of an operating system, mutual exclusion and synchronization, implementation of processes, scheduling algorithms, memory management, and file systems. Net-centic computing, network architectures; issues associated with distributed computing. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 161. Offered fall of even-numbererd years. 3 credits

COMP-370  Advanced Topics In Algorithms, Complexity and Intelligent Systems

Topics may include: distributed algorithms, complexity classes P and NP, automata theory, algorithmic analysis, cryptographic, geometric or parallel algorithms, compression and decompression, search and constraint satisfaction, knowledge representation and reasoning, agents, natural language processing, machine learning and neural networks, artificial intelligence planning systems and robotics. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 263. Offered fall. 3 credits

COMP-375  Computer Graphics and Animation

Fundamental principles and techniques of interactive 3D computer graphics implemented through an industry standard application programming interface (API) such as OpenGL. Extensive hands-on experience based on lab projects requiring programming. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 161. Offered spring of odd-numbered years. 3 credits

COMP-377  Computer Architecture

Concepts of the fundamental logical organization of a computer (its parts and their relationship) and how it actually works; exposure to a central processor's native language, and to system concepts. Topics in computer hardware, architectures, and digital logic. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 161. Offered spring of even-numbered years. 3 credits

COMP-480  Independent Study

Program of directed tutorial reading on some topic or problem within the discipline relating to the special interests of the student and supervised by a departmental faculty member. $30 lab fee. 1-3 credits.

COMP-485  Advanced Topics In Computer Science

Topics of current interest in computer science. May include: advanced software engineering, human computer interaction, advanced networking and systems administration, advanced database systems, computer animation and simulation, finite automata and languages, and intelligent systems. $30 lab fee. Prerequisites: varies with topic. Offered spring. 3 credits

COMP-487  Software Engineering Internship

Practical on-site work experience in a computer-intensive operation with academic oversight. Experience with a variety of programming languages, operating systems, applications, and machines. Prerequisite: 20 credits in Computer Science. 1-3 credits

COMP-490  Capstone Project

Research or software application development on some topic or problem within the discipline relating to the special interests of the student. $30 lab fee. Offered fall. 4 credits

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