Visitor permits are no longer required. Visitors must still comply with the information below.

Visitation hours in student rooms and apartments and on student floors are Sunday - Thursday 10am -midnight, Friday-Saturday 10am - 2am. 

Linfield overnight guests are allowed for up to 3 consecutive nights and no more than 6 nights in a 30 day period.  No overnight guests will be allowed during orientation, any breaks, and the week preceding and during finals week.  For further information, refer to ResLife Guide to Living.

As long as your vehicle is parked in accordance with Oregon state law and the Linfield College Traffic and Parking Regulations, there should be no problem. Your visitor may park in any regular marked parking space. To park in the disabled parking, a valid disabled parking placard must be displayed.  There is absolutely no parking in the fire lane.  If a guest receives a citation, the Linfield resident must file an appeal and email from their Linfield account to  Or it can be put in the Linfield mail distribution to CPS Unit #A502.  All information on the appeal must be completed or can be grounds for dismissal.  Remember, Linfield residents are liable for their visitors.  Disabled parking and fire lanes are strictly enforced.