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Life After Linfield

Departmental Alumni

Chemistry department graduates have an impressive record of successfully entering graduate programs, medical schools, pharmacy schools, and obtaining industrial positions. Since 2005, 86% of our majors have been admitted to a graduate program (in chemistry or a health related field). 

Dr. Gilbert's blog, Generally Chemistry, has interviews with many departmental alumni.  See what they are doing now!

Class of 2013

Andrew Carpenter - University of Oregon (Physical Chemistry) - Ph.D. program

Daniel Urnes

Amanda Wolf

Class of 2012

Joell Reyes

Class of 2011

Yuhong Cao - Stanford University (Chemistry) - Ph.D. candidate

Halee Hyatt - Washington University (Dentistry) - D.M.D. candidate

Christopher Jenness - Rockefeller University (Biochemistry) - Ph.D. candidate

Class of 2010

Diane Morgan - University of Southern California  (Pharmacy) - Pharm. D. candidate

Dylan Sorber - Oregon Health Sciences University  (Dentistry) - D.M.D. candidate

Katie Sours - Boston University (School of Public Health) - M.S. candidate

Victoria Treadaway - University of Rhode Island (Chemical Oceanography) - M.S. candidate

Class of 2009

Daniel Creesy

Jeneva Foster - University of Oregon (Biochemistry) - Ph.D. Candidate

Evan Hiles - Pacific University, Graduate student (Physical Therapy)

Rachel Kaneta - University of California Berkely (Optometry)

Janine Lee - Oregon State University (Pharmacy) - Pharm.D. candidate

Jessica Petrovich - Medical Scribe

Class of 2008

Caitlin Deane - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Biochemistry) - Ph.D. candidate

Kevin Caple - Oregon State University (Chemical Engineering) - M.S.ChE. awarded 2010.  Ph.D. candidate

Veronica Janhunen - University of Nevada, Reno (Medical School) - M.D. candidate

Kelly Peng - Western University of Health Sciences (Osteopathic Medicine) - D.O. awarded 2011

Jeremy Whitney

Marcia Willard - Utah Shakespere Festival - MFA, University of Cincinnati awarded 2012

Class of 2007

Ehow Chen - Northwestern University (Chemistry) - Ph.D. awarded 2012

Lee Ch'ng - University of Southern California (Physical Chemistry) - Ph.D. candidate

Randi Duchemin - University of Oregon (Chemistry) - M.S.

Cathy Pham - Research Associate, Nunhems

Fan Shi - University of Chicago (Mathematics) - M.S. awarded 2010

Chinmayee Subban - Cornell University (Material Science) - Ph.D. awarded 2011

Class of 2006

Hannah Arntz - Pacific University (Pharmacy) - Pharm.D. awarded 2009

Molly (Corbari) Lundy - Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis - M.S. Candidate

Theresas Crecelius - University of Washing (Medical Technician program)

Mujib Kamawal - Design Engineer, KPFF Consulting, Seattle, Washington

Melissa Galloway - University of Wisconsin, Madison (Analytical) -Ph.D. awarded 2011

Class of 2005

Verina Kranak - Arizona State University (Solid State Chemistry) M.S. awarded 2012.  Stokholm University, Sweden (Solid State Chemistry) Ph.D. Candidate

Robert Osten - Pacific University (Pharmacy) Pharm. D. awarded  2011.  Oregon Health Sciences University (Pharmacy) Resident.

Becky (Price) Colman - Northern Arizona University (Biology/Molecular Genetics) Ph.D. awarded 2010. Translational Genomics Research Institute Flagstaff, Arizona - Postdoc

Hilary Stricker - Medical College of Wisconsin - M.D. awarded 2009