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Chemistry Instrumentation

Department Instrumentation

The modern equipment in the Chemistry department's teaching and research laboratories includes a number of instruments available to undergraduates for both study and research. The departments instrumentation includes electrochemical equipment, spectrophotometers of several types, a vacuum dry box, GC's, LC's, high intensity mercury lamp, Langmuir-Blodgett trough, vacuum ovens and furnaces. The chemistry department also maintains collaborations with Linfield's Physics, LRI and Biology departments.  In addition, the department maintains its own LAN, and several clusters of PCs for student use.

Spectroscopic Instrumentation:

Home-built Raman microscope (532 and 632 nm lasers, CVI Digikrom 0.25 m monochromator, Apogee thermoelectrically cooled CCD)

Raman microscope

DeltaNu Solution 532 Raman spectrometer (with NuScope and macro Raman capabilities)


Bruker Alpha Series FT-IR with ATR accessory

Bruker Alpha Series FT-IR

Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2000 FT-IR

Perkin Elmer Spectum 2000

Hitachi F-4500 scanning Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Hitachi F-4500 scanning Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Hitachi U-3000 UV-Vis scanning Spectrophotometer


Shimadzu AA-6300 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Cu, Pb, Na/K, Mg/Ca/Al/Fe lamps)


Anasazi FT-NMR (Varian magnet with 1H and 13C probes)


Additional diode-array spectrometers (14).

Chromatographic Instrumentation:

Shimadzu LC2010C HT Liquid Chromatograph (with autosampler and UV detector)

Shimadzu LC

Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer QP2010 Series (with autosampler). This is the newest addition to the department. 

Mass Spectrometer

Hewlett Packard Series II 5890 Gas Chromatograph  (with FID and TCD detectors)

Gas Chromatograph

Electrochemical Instrumentation:

EG&G model 264A Polarographic Analyzer / Stripping Voltameter

Stripping Voltameter

EG&G model 303A SMDE and EGG model 6310 Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer


Vacuum Atmosphere Co. HE-63-P dry box

Dry Box

Nima 611M Langmuir-Blodgett Trough


Zeiss Winkel 164966 Polarimeter


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