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Chemistry Facilities

Department Facilities

The Department of Chemistry offices and laboratories are located in Murdock Hall. Murdock Hall was built in 1982 and houses the Departments of Chemistry and Biology.

A number of instruments are available throughout the laboratories and instrument rooms for undergraduates to use in both study and research (see Instrumentation page). The Chemistry Department has four main laboratories which are designed for general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. The general chemistry laboratory is equipped with numerous computer stations to aid in the collection of experimental data. Organic chemistry students receive training and have full access to a Bruker Alpha Series FT-IR with ATR accessory.

General Chemistry Laboratory Facilities


Organic Chemistry Laboratory Facilities

Our Physical Chemistry Laboratory Facilities

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Facilities

The chemistry department is extensively networked with more than 30 computers; this provides a basis for the broad application of technology throughout the curriculum. The department maintains several clusters of PCs accessible to students throughout the department. Below is a picture of one of these.

Our department also is home to a nice study and classroom area for our students. It is commonly know as the “chemistry fishbowl.” This is where students also come to get general chemistry tutoring.

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