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CHEM 321 -Organic Chemistry I


Dr. Elizabeth J. O. Atkinson

Office: Murdock Hall, room 115

Office Hours: TTH 10:30-11:30 or by appt.


Office Phone: 503.883.2621

Laboratory Instructors 

Dr. Elizabeth J. O. Atkinson x2621

Ms. Katie Sours x2739

Murdock Hall, room 112

Office Hours:
MW 10:30-11:30 or by appt.


Course Materials and Lecture Handouts  

Lecture Syllabus

Summary of Resonance Rules

About Molecular Orbitals

IR Peak Assignments

Reaction Sheet

Another Retrosynthesis Method

SN vs E (who wins??)

Summary of SN and E Reactions

NMR Assignments

Old Exams  

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Laboratory Handouts  

Laboratory Syllabus

Sample Pre-Lab

Laboratory Assignments Fall 2014

Laboratory Safety

Week 2: Choice Experiment #1: Synthesis of Two Polymers: Plexiglass and Nylon-6,6

Week 2: Choice Experiment #1: Synthesis of Indigo Dye

Weeks 3 & 4: Experiment #2: Isolation of Caffeine from Tea Leaves

Week 4: Rf Values Helpful Handout

Week 5: Workshop #3 Part 1. Organic Chemistry Nomenclature

Week 5: Workshop #3 Part 2. Organic Chemistry Conformation and Chair Modeling 

Week 5: Functional Groups

Week 6: Experiment #4: Resolution of Enantiomers from a Racemic Mixture

Week 7: Experiment #5: SN2: Williamson Synthesis of 2-ethoxynaphthalene from 2-naphthol

Week 8: Experiment #6: E2: Dehydrohalogenation of Cyclohexyl Bromide to form Cyclohexene

Week 9: Experiment #7: E1: Dehydration of Cyclohexanol to form Cyclohexene

Week 10: Experiment #8: Oxidation of Cyclohexene to form Adipic Acid

Week 11: Experiment #9: Testing an SN1 Mechanism: Solvolysis of t-Butyl Chloride to form t-Butanol_PDF
Week 11: Experiment #9: Testing an SN1 Mechanism: Solvolysis of t-Butyl Chloride to form t-Butanol_Word

Week 12: Workshop #10 on NMR and IR Spectroscopy

Week 13: Experiment #11: Reduction of Benzophenone to Benzhydrol

Report Focus Sections  

Introduction Section

Experimental Section

Results and Discussion Sections

Figure Guidlines

Table Guidlines


Useful Laboratory Handouts  

Common Lab Techniques in Organic Chemistry

Common Lab Equipment in Organic Chemistry

Common Terms in Organic Chemistry Lab

The Top 20 Writing Errors Made by College Students

"The Data Suggest": Writing in the Sciences (from They Say / I Say)

ACS Reference Style

Laboratory Notebook Definitions

IR Supplemental Information

Laboratory Report Experimental Section: Bad vs. Good

Recrystallization and Hot Filtration

Useful Links  

SDBS Spectroscopy Data (for SpectraComparision)

NIST Chemistry WebBook(for IR SpectraComparision)

NIMC Spectral Database System(for IR Spectra Comparision)

MSDS (for chemicalhazards)

Sigma-Aldrich (for a chemical's MW, boiling range or melting range,density, etc.)