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CHEM 300 - The Art and Science of Brewing


Dr. Julian Haigh
Murdock Hall room 116
Office Hours:  By Appointment

Course Materials

Syllabus (includes a tentative schedule)

Brewing Record - example of what you may want to record when you brew

BJCP - Beer Judge Certification Program style guidelines

Beer Faults - Off flavors/aromas and possible solutions from the BJCP.


 "Scientific Principles of Malting and Brewing", Bamforth (American Society of Brewing Chemists, ISBN 1881696081)

"Tasting Beer", Mosher (Storey Publishing, ISBN 9781603420891)

How to Brew - Online book about brewing.  Extract to All-grain.

How To

BrewWiki - Basic information about brewing.  Handy for beginning homebrewers
Brewing 101 - A video for how to brew your first batch of beer from Northern Brewer

Books About Brewing

Beer - Tap Into the Art and Science of Brewing (Charles Bamforth, Oxford University Press).  Not too technical.

The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing (Charlie Papazian).  If you want to start homebrewing, buy this.  This is the homebrewer's bible, written by the prophet himself.  It will take you from malt extract to all grain brewing.

The Homebrewer's Companion (Charlie Papazian).  Builds of information in "Joy".  Good reference for homebrewers.

Homebrewer's Gold (Charlie Papazian).  Award winning beers and recipes from the World Beer Cup in 1997.  Great descriptions of styles.

Microbrewed Adventures (Charlie Papazian).  Charlie's world tour of small breweries, from the US to Latin America.

Radical Brewing (Randy Mosher).  An excellent guide to homebrewing and how to stretch your wings as a brewer.  Full of great information.

The Brewer's Companion (Randy Mosher).  A how-to book for homebrewers.  Full of ideas for how to record brewing data, how to design beers, etc.

Designing Great Beers (Ray Daniels).  A guide to brewing within styles.  If you want to try and win homebrew competitions, you probably should spend some time with this.

Writing About Brewing

Beervana - Jeff Alworth's blog about beer culture in Oregon (and elsewhere)

Brewpublic - Go here to keep up on what's happening on the brewing scene!

Beer Hunter - World beer styles described by Michael Jackson (no, not the singer...)

Beer Tasting Journals

33 Beers - Inexpensive convenient journal for recording notes on 33 beers!

Moleskin - Tasting, brewing and cellar notes, among other things.

Beer Journal - It is what it says it is.



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