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The Paracurriculum/Experiential Learning

In recognition of the value of acquiring certain skills and participating in various activities, the college has established a group of personal skill and creative activity courses called the paracurriculum. Paracurricular courses are identified by course numbers below 100; they normally carry one or two credits. To graduate, a student must have three credits in paracurricular courses, one of which must be in physical education or dance. All paracurricular courses are graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

  • No more than eight credits in paracurricular courses, with no more than four courses from any one department, may count toward graduation.
  • Colloquium (IDST 007), taken by all first-year students, is included in the eight-credit maximum.

Courses in the Experiential Learning categories of Internships, Peer Instruction (those courses numbered 439), and most paracurricular courses are denoted by an EL designation in the catalog. Students may count toward graduation no more than 20 credits total from courses designated as EL.

Within this 20-credit maximum, the following more specific limitations also apply:

  • no more than two internship courses, with no more than five credits from a single internship, may count toward graduation; and
  • only one peer instruction course may count toward graduation. Note: Successfully completed EL courses above the 20-credit maximum will be recorded on a student’s transcript, but will not count toward graduation.