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General Science


Jennifer Nordstrom, Ph.D.

Students wishing a broad overview of natural science and mathematics may choose to complete a General Science major. Such students must have their course plans and graduation checksheets approved by the chair of the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics.

Requirements for Major or Minor

The general science major is available as a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, as defined in the section on degree requirements for all majors in this course catalog.

For a major: At least 48 credits chosen from the four departments (Biology excluding courses numbered 109 or lower, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics) and distributed as follows: no fewer than 25 credits in one department, composed of the course requirements for a minor in that department and additional credits in courses that count toward a major or minor in that department; no fewer than nine credits in each of two of the remaining departments; and no fewer than five credits in the fourth department. Courses that may apply toward the General Science major are noted in the respective departments. The major’s writing intensive course must be one listed as MWI for the department in which the 25-credit concentration is taken or one that has been pre-approved by the department chair.

For Oregon Initial Teaching Licensure in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics, a student must complete the Linfield Teacher Education Program requirements. In order to complete these requirements, a student must begin taking education courses no later than his/her sophomore year. The student must be advised by an Education Department faculty member each semester prior to registration.

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