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Refunds: Tuition - Withdrawals

Semester tuition and ASLC and technology infrastructure fee refunds for students at the McMinnville or Portland Campuses who withdraw from all courses during a regular semester before the end of the semester shall follow the printed schedule. The tuition refund is determined by the date the student notifies the college in writing in accordance with the college withdrawal procedures of his or her decision to withdraw, not by the date the student stops attending classes. Certain fees shall be exempt from this refund policy. These fees include various course-related fees (see Refunds: Various Course-Related Fees), and any other fees deemed appropriate by the college. All tuition and ASLC and technology infrastructure fees for a term will be refunded if the college is notified in writing before the beginning of classes for that term. Otherwise, for fall, spring, and summer, the following schedule is in effect if the college is notified in writing on or before:

Fall Spring Summer Refund
Sept. 4, 2016 Feb. 12, 2017 June 10, 2017 100%
Sept. 11, 2016 Feb. 19, 2017 June 17, 2017 75%
Sept. 18, 2016 Feb. 26, 2017 June 24, 2017 50%
Sept. 25, 2016 Mar. 4, 2017 July 1, 2017 25%

There will be no tuition refunds after these dates. The college will return federal aid to the aid programs in accordance with the federal pro-rata policy, which may affect the final account balance for which the student is responsible. Federal aid refund policies also apply to Tuition Assistance funds or other Veterans Benefits, in accordance with Federal regulations governing benefits to service members. Cancellation or adjustment of financial aid may also affect the final account balance for which the student is responsible.

January Term withdrawal from all courses: The refund for January Term per-credit fee, and ASLC charges, if notified in writing by the end of:

The first day of class 100% Refund
The fifth day of class 70% Refund
The tenth day of class 50% Refund

There will be no tuition refunds after the 10th day of term.

January Term course fee for withdrawal from all courses:
If notified in writing by the end of:
The first day of term 100% Refund
The fifth day of term 50% Refund

For January Term off-campus course estimated student fee: Withdrawal from a January Term off-campus course must be in writing and submitted to the International Programs Office. No refunds can be guaranteed. Any withdrawal will result in other charges incurred to cover the college’s out-of-pocket expenses including but not limited to the cost of round trip transportation.

Refunds: Various Course-Related Fees for Drops and Withdrawals during a Semester

Refunds for various course-related fees will be issued if notified in writing on or before:
The first day of the semester/term 100% Refund
The last day to enroll in a course 50% Refund

Refunds: January Term Course Drop

Students who reduce their course load to one, i.e. drop one of two courses, during the first week of January Term will be refunded 100% of the per-credit fee for the course dropped. There will be no refund of the per-credit fee if the course is dropped after the first week of class. If a student withdraws from January Term, any refund would be based on the withdrawal policy.

Refunds: Study Abroad and January Term Off-Campus Programs

While the college will generally apply the refund policies outlined above, expenses the college has incurred on behalf of students on January Term off-campus courses and semester abroad programs will be deducted accordingly.

Refunds: Online and Continuing Education Program

Official withdrawal must be made using the online add/ drop form, and are calculated by the date of submission. Tuition and the online course fee will be refunded based on the dates and percentages below. Other course fees are not refundable.

Term Dates 100% 75% 50% 25%
Summer 2016 6/20-8/19 6/27   7/4 7/11
Fall 2016 9/6-12/16 9/13 9/20 9/28 9/27
January 2017 1/3-2/3 1/10      
Spring 2017 2/13-5/25 2/20 2/27 3/8 3/13
Summer 2017 6/26-8/26 7/3   7/10 7/17

Refunds: Board

Any board refund for fall or spring semester shall be prorated on a 15-week semester, and for January Term, a four-week term. If a student’s flex dollars portion of their meal plan (see the semester charges section) has been used at a greater pace than the prorate calculation, then the student will be charged the difference.

Refunds: Residential Housing

Any room refund will be prorated as stated in the Residential Life Contract Agreement. For fall or spring semester this is generally based on a 15-week semester, and for January Term, a four week term. If a student has a signed housing contract or has been assigned college housing there may be a contract cancellation penalty assessed if the student does not live in campus housing according to the following:

Prior to July 1: $300 contract cancellation fee.

July 1 to last day of classes spring semester:
$600 cancellation fee plus prorated fee for days of occupancy.

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