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Costs, Refund Policies and Payment Procedures

Tuition and other charges are shown for full-time students taking a 10 to 18 credit hour course load in various programs.

Undergraduate Students, McMinnville and Portland Campuses 2014-2015

Fall/Spring Semester

Item Per Semester

Tuition (10 to 18 credits)
Per-Credit Fee (under 10 credits) 1,152
Associated Student Body Fee - McMinnville 130
Associated Student Body Fee - Portland 130
Technology Infrastructure Fee 43
Health Insurance 874
Room (double occupancy) McMinnville  2,805
Room (double occupancy) Portland 2,040
Room (single occupancy) Portland 2,355

Board - McMinnville

Unlimited  unlimited meals + $125 FLEX  2,360
Weekly  12 meals per week + $330 FLEX  2,305
 Block  100 meals per term + $600 FLEX  2,200

Students who reduce their credit loads during fall or spring semester to below ten credits within 15 class days from the first day classes begin will be charged at the per-credit rate. After these dates, dropping a course will not reduce the charges for the course(s) dropped. Any student taking over 18 or less than 10 credits per semester will be charged $1,152 for each credit.

Full-time students matriculating on either campus may register for one course of up to four credit hours per semester on the other campus as part of their course load and retain their full-time status. No additional fee will be charged for cross registration. Scheduling and transportation are student responsibilities.

With the approval of their academic advisors, students enrolled full-time on the McMinnville or Portland Campuses may take a maximum of one course through the Online and Continuing Education Program (OCE) as part of their regular course load of 18 hours maximum during the fall and spring semesters at no additional tuition. This policy does not apply to January Term or Summer Term. McMinnville and Portland Campus students wishing to enroll in OCE courses during January and summer must register through the OCE Office and pay normal OCE tuition and fees.

Full-time McMinnville or Portland Campus students who take an OCE course through Summer Term or Winter Term must pay the OCE tuition rate for these courses. Students may only enroll in January Term coursework from a single campus: Portland, McMinnville, or OCE. Students choosing this option will be levied the ASLC fee for January Term. Students who are members of the campus residential system must pay the appropriate January Term residential and board fees. Courses dropped after classes begin are governed by the OCE refund policy. No McMinnville or Portland Campus student is allowed to enroll in January Term for a first class at Linfield College.

With the exception of Summer Term and January Term, whenever a McMinnville or Portland campus student enrolls in an OCE class, tuition will be charged as follows: (1) If the total number of credits in fall or spring semester, including the OCE class, for which the student is registered is at least 10, but not more than 18, the student will be charged the residential tuition amount for that semester ($18,500), with no additional tuition charge for the OCE class. (2) If the total number of credits for which the student is registered is fewer than 10 or more than 18, the student will be charged the per-credit tuition that is applicable to McMinnville and Portland campus students ($1,152).

2015 January Term

Per-Credit Fee $219
Associated Student Body Fee - McMinnville 30
Associated Student Body Fee - Portland 30
Room (double occupancy) McMinnville 520
Room (double occupancy) Portland 510
Board - McMinnville Unlimited meals + $30 FLEX 535
  12 meals per week + $85 FLEX 520
  25 meals per term + $150 FLEX 495

2015 Summer Term

Tuition - McMinnville OCE (per credit hour) $450
Tuition - Portland (per credit, under 10 credits) 1,152
(10-18 credits) 18,500
Room (double occupancy) - McMinnville  1,125
(or $220 per week)
Room (double occupancy) - Portland (monthly) 510
Board - McMinnville - Wildcat Cash in increments of 25
Malpractice Insurance - Portland 40
Health Insurance 402