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Admission Policies

The admission policies below pertain to programs offered through the McMinnville and Portland Campuses. Applicants to Linfield’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE) should consult the DCE section of the catalog for DCE admission policies.

Linfield College grants admission to students who are likely to grow and succeed in a personal and challenging liberal arts environment. Each applicant to the college is evaluated on individual merit. Although there is no formula for predicting academic success, an Admission committee evaluates applicants in a number of areas which commonly indicate academic potential. These include high school academic performance, writing sample, recommendations from teachers and counselors, and pre-college test results. Because participation in non-academic activities is important at Linfield, the committee also considers the depth and quality of an applicant’s involvement in community and school activities. The committee reviews applications as they are completed (giving priority to those who meet the deadlines) and notifies applicants of their decision on a regular basis, selecting students who show the greatest likelihood of benefiting from and contributing to the Linfield community. Linfield reserves the right to deny students for non-academic reasons.

The best preparation for college is a solid academic foundation in high school. The Linfield admission committee strongly recommends that applicants have taken the following:

English 4 years Social Sciences 3-4 years
Mathematics 4 years Natural Sciences 3-4 years
Social Sciences 3-4 years Foreign language 2-4 years

Candidates must acknowledge acceptance of an offer of admission by submitting a $400 matriculation fee on or before the universal reply date of May 1. This amount is not refundable after May 1. In order to enroll as a first-year student, a final high school transcript showing the graduation date and confirming the student’s good standing with the high school must be provided. Home-schooled applicants must submit the Common Application Home School Supplement to the Secondary School report, available online at Applicants without a high school diploma must provide an official copy of the GED showing an overall average score of 450 or a written statement from the parent (or other) home-school director explaining that their home-school program has met their state requirements (including the home-school requirement information from their state DOE), and transcripts of studies including grades for courses taken the freshman through senior years.