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Maximum Units of Non-Course Credit

The college recognizes that learning may take place outside the common classroom environment through its policies on credit-by-examination, correspondence courses, and other opportunities. However, it is inherent in the educational philosophy of the college that a student earning a degree from Linfield College will have participated in the learning process through various encounters with students and faculty afforded by the college’s academic programs. Therefore, the college will recognize no more than 30 credits earned through non-course means.

Auditing a Course

Auditing courses (attending without earning credit) is permitted on a space-available basis in non-laboratory and nonparacurricular courses, with the consent of the instructor and the Registrar or Registration Office during the regular registration period. Students on the McMinnville or Portland Campuses who are enrolled for fewer than 10 credits or more than 18 credits will be charged a per credit fee for the course being audited. DCE students will be charged a per credit fee for all audited courses. All of these fees are nonrefundable. All auditors must pay course fees, but these are refundable on the same schedule as all course fees. Recognition of an audit on the academic record signals that the student has been faithful in attending classes. Failure to attend regularly will be reported to the Registrar or Registration Office by the instructor, and the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course. No credit hours are earned for auditing courses.