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Credit by Linfield Challenge Examination

In recognition of the validity of acquiring knowledge outside the classroom, the faculty of the college gives students the option of receiving credit by challenge examination. Under this provision, students are awarded credit by successfully passing an examination composed and administered by a faculty member who is or has been directly involved in teaching the course. A fee will be charged for the examination

A student may not receive credit for a course the content of which is, in the judgment of the appropriate department chair and the Registrar, largely contained within, or assumed by, one or more courses already completed by the student. Under this principle, for example, credit by challenge examination is not available for a course that is a prerequisite for a course already completed.

The decision to give an examination is the prerogative of the instructor who normally teaches the course. In addition to the approval of the instructor, the department head and the Curriculum Committee must also approve the request. Petitions for requesting credit by examination may be obtained from the Registrar or Registration Office. Since credit by examination is a departmental matter, the examination will be prepared, administered, and graded by the examining instructor in consultation with the other members of the department.

The amount of credit will be that specified in the college catalog. Credit will be listed on the student’s academic record as Credit by Examination (CE). No credit will be given and no notation will appear on the academic record for a grade lower than a B.

A limit of 30 credits may be earned through examination. A maximum of 15 credits may be earned in a student’s major field. Some major programs have required courses which are exempt from consideration for challenge examination.