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Linfield College Catalog Candidacy for Graduation

Candidacy for Graduation

To become a candidate for graduation, each student must file a degree application form (Intent to Graduate available online) with the Registrar or Registration Office of the appropriate degree program: the McMinnville Campus, Online and Continuing Education, or Portland Campus. All students must file by the end of the semester one year prior to the degree completion semester. Students pursuing a Teacher Licensure Program must file one semester earlier since the full-time student teaching semester effectively removes a student from the Linfield campus.

Filing an Intent to Graduate form by the appropriate deadline will provide students sufficient opportunity to make any necessary class schedule adjustments for timely completion of degree requirements. The above deadlines are also critical to:
1) the administrative processing necessary for correct presentation of the student’s credentials and name at commencement; and
2) verification of the student’s completed degree requirements. Failure to meet the deadline can potentially delay participation in graduation and/or timely receipt of the diploma.

In the event a student may not complete all degree requirements by the planned completion date, the student may be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students should submit a Petition to Participate in Commencement form to the Registrar or Registration Office for presentation to the Student Policies Committee by April 1st for participation in the spring commencement. Eligibility to participate is based on the policy explained below.

Students who have not met all requirements are eligible for participation in commencement if they lack only some combination of:

  1. Credits in courses in which they are currently enrolled at Linfield or elsewhere (or)
  2. Non-course requirements that can reasonably be expected to be satisfied prior to commencement (and)
  3. No more than six credits to be earned.

Where non-Linfield courses are involved, written documentation of such enrollment must be provided. In cases where successful completion of current courses will not suffice to meet all requirements, evidence must be provided of the student’s intention to enroll in the immediately following Linfield College summer term for the needed credits. Where non-course requirements have not been satisfied, appropriate evidence must be provided that they will be satisfied by commencement.

For any further inquiries about candidacy for graduation or eligibility to participate in commencement, students should contact the Registrar or Registration Office appropriate to their program.

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