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Salary Negotiation

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Wondering about how much you should be making? There are two main theories to salary negotiation: the door-in-face approach and the foot-in-door approach. These also apply to other aspects of your job search such as networking.

Approaches to Salary Negotiation


This approach suggests to ask for something completely outrageous that you know will get turned down. But, by having been turned down and taken the news gracefully, it creates a sense of imbalance between the asker and the responder. This imbalance allows the asker to ask again, but this time for something reasonable, and to restore the balance the responder is more likely to say yes. It also makes it seem like the asker made a compromise.


This approach is almost the opposite of the door-in-face approach. The asker should request something small, in order to get his or her foot in the door, so that later on, the asker can request more. It has been shown that this technique is not as successful as the door-in-face approach.

Things to Consider

  • Be prepared before the negotiation and dedicate time to think about what you want, what you would settle for, and more importantly, what you wouldn’t settle for
  • Keep track of your successes, even the little ones, at work to help support your claims
  • If you are denied, ask what you could do at work in order to earn one in the future
  • Research very similar jobs to see what the wage range is to figure out what is reasonable to ask for

Articles for more advice:

We also have resources in the Career Hub about salary negotiation, including a book written by Jack Chapman, a salary negotiations expert. Stop by if you would like to check it out. Go to his website to learn more about salary negotiation.