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Unique Linfield Internships

Linfield has some unique programs to support its students seeking internship experiences. Students can earn scholarships or stipends for completing unpaid internships to support their career exploration.

Click on the links below to see details on these programs.

  • Career Development Impact ScholarshipCareer Development encourages students to seek and complete impactful internships. Sometimes these great experiences are unpaid. Grants are available to cover living and travel expenses to help make this a reality.  
  • First Federal Internships: Local bank provides stipends to students completing internships with selected non-profits within Yamhill County. Spring Semester.
  • Kemper Scholars: Generously supports selected scholars for three years with scholarships. Scholars intern with a non-profit in Chicago their rising-junior year, and with a for-profit organization their rising-senior year. Students apply as first year students. Campus deadline is mid-January.
  • Public Service Internship Endowed Scholarship: Supports a student completing a summer internship with a government or non-profit organization domestically or abroad.
  • Linfield Center for the Northwest (LCN) Internships: Provides stipends to students completing focused internships with local non-profits.